I was hospitalized in November 2023. I was held against my will and I was strapped down and pumped full of drugs. I was not given liquids and suffered severe dehydration. I was given someone else's paperwork on discharge. I was admitted as a Jane Doe as were many others. The ER I was in was overflowing with patients as blood draws were done in the ER. I will have to pay money just to get paperwork on my stay. I was strapped down and left in such a state that I developed severe sores in the folds of my skin. It was the worst yeast infection I have ever had with red and raw skin. I was treated worse than you would treat an animal I was not told what they were doing to me and they refused to let me leave. It was only by God's grace that I was let go.

Bellingham, WA

My wife checked in to a hospital in Fort Worth and was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was also given a PCR and it tested "positive". Within two weeks, after being sedated and ventilated, her organs began to shut down and I and my youngest daughter watched the nurse remove all but one IV tube. They used that one to dose her with fentanyl and she died.

The day before, when there was talk of putting her on the ventilator, her doctor told my daughter that that "was a road we don’t want to go down". The next day she was ventilated and the doctor from the day before was off duty. I think that her doctor wanted to do the right thing. Someone overrode his decision. My wife was 62 years old.

Everett, WA

We found out our mother was murdered just as an article "Bad to the Bone" was going to press in Fortune Magazine. The article is just the beginning of the story of our mother’s murder and is the background of what was going on and those who literally conspired in her medical murder by doing illegal human experimentation on patients without their knowledge by a product that was contra-indicated by the FDA for use in the spine. ...

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Enumclaw, WA

... You mentioned that this genocide has been going on for decades. This too I have felt for a long time based on my own experiences, as least a genocide of the elderly.

When my mom was sick, I witness how they murdered her. This was about 10 years ago now. She was in her 80's with a history of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), when she got pneumonia from the pneumonia vaccine, they required her to have in the nursing home leading to a hospital admission. Once in the hospital, first they sedated her with Ativan, stating she was anxious. Then they talked her into a Tracheotomy that she did not need ...

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Redmond, WA

On December 23, 2021, I came down with Covid. My husband is a Family Physician in SW Washington State. We both became ill at about the same time. On Jan 2, 2022, I became much worse. My O2 dropped to 92. I had an anaphylactic reaction. I was not breathing. My daughter grabbed me and began CPR. The rest of my family called 911. I was rushed in the snow to Providence Centralia hospital ...

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Chehalis, WA

We faced many of the same problems with our hospital and doctors as the Schara’s did in Wisconsin.

From what I experienced, Sacred Heart Hospital has left it’s Christian foundation and adherence to the Hippocratic oath . It was quite a shock to realize my wife and I had no say in the treatment she received once they said Covid had been detected, even though she had no Covid symptoms. There was little informed consent. I was not allowed to see her in ICU for 23 days. When their treatment plan failed they refused to try ours. When they decided it was time for her to die they put her on "comfort care". Even though she had been on a ventilator from day 2 and heavily drugged so that she was unarousable, medically paralyzed in a level 3 coma, the last three days they upped her drugs to 5ml/hr hydromorphone, 10ml/hr Midazolam, 120ml/hr Ketamine and 15ml/hr of norepinephrine .This combination of Hydromorphone and Midazolam in higher doses has been used in some states for death row executions and is also called a euthanasia cocktail by people trying to stop the euthanasia of elderly people. Were the amounts of these drugs given to my wife enough to end her life like what happened to Grace? I had to negotiate to see her on the day she died. I had no idea about the drugs and end of life sedatives used on her till I read the records months later. The hospital refused to talk to me in person after she died. They gave me few satisfactory answers to the questions I had about her treatment. When hospitals are willingly accepting monetary incentives from the Federal government to treat people with ineffective and life-threatening treatment protocols for Covid you know something is very wrong. People are calling this partnership between the corporate hospitals like Providence and the federal government the Nazification of American medicine. I agree! Totally ungodly, evil and inhumane. The Covid plandemic has proved to me that government and medicine is truly a deadly mixture. I pray the Schara’s will be successful in awakening the American people. These hospitals and doctors need to be held responsible for their actions. We are trying to start a local support group in Spokane and if you would like to join us, please contact me at sdunham@q.com.

Spokane, WA

My heart goes out to you and your family over the tragic and unnecessary loss of beautiful Grace! I have heard your story twice now on 2 different shows and applaud your courage in speaking out and shedding light on the inhumane and horrific treatment of humans by our health care systems.

I am a nurse of 22+ years, and am appalled at the direction our hospitals are heading. I (wisely) decided not to take the covid jab and was subsequently fired by the company I had dedicated my entire career to. Of course, "patient safety" was their stated reason for firing more than 800 experienced caregivers throughout the hospital system. Over the course of the next few months, I watched as every single one of my former coworkers got covid, and were allowed to return to work if they were not symptomatic. I myself had covid prior to being fired, so technically was "safer" to work than any one of them thanks to my God-given acquired natural immunity. I ended up with another job literally within days, at another local system that accepted religious exemptions. Despite my disgust for current treatment protocols, or lack thereof, I feel like I was called to be an advocate for patients who couldn't have their families present, and to advocate for compassionate and equitable treatment for unvaccinated patients.

My thought after listening to your heartbreaking story was this: DNR does NOT equal Do Not Treat! (aside from the injustice incurred by making her DNR in the first place!!) For instance - if I had a patient who is DNR and they start choking on a sandwich, of course I am going to do the Heimlich maneuver and get that sandwich out of their airway. I'm pretty sure choking on a sandwich was not how they were meant to go. In Graces case, all of those drugs she was given caused REVERSABLE respiratory depression that would have been remedied within minutes with a dose of naloxone. Drug addicts who overdose on the street are given naloxone - why did Grace not deserve the same? They 1000% overdosed your daughter. Shame on those doctors and nurses who allowed this to happen to your beautiful Grace. My prayers are with you as you navigate this journey making sense of her death and championing just and humane care in the hospital. I will continue to do what I can to advocate for the same. God bless you and all who are fighting for your cause :)

Vancouver, WA