Grace's Sister Remembers

Grace was the best sister and Aunt (she’d tell us not an ‘ant’ though because she was not an insect). She always thought of others, enjoyed life, and truly showed God’s love through her actions. She would call me ‘Big Sister’ of mine and tell me I was beautiful. Her voicemails to me were always so precious making sure at the end she told me she loved me, the boys, Adam, and all our pets too. She’d also tell us that grandma, grandpa, and all her animals loved us as well. Her artwork to me I will always hold dear. Always signing off with ‘God is Love 1 John 4:8’ and one says, ‘God’s word is in you, big sister!’

Grace was very adventurous and always willing to try new things. One of my favorite memories is when we’d go to Badger Sports Park and Grace would take her leisurely Sunday cruise around the track (she hated being bumped with the go karts). We’d also play laser tag. There is so much more to who Grace was, but to explain, the typing would never end. Grace will forever be loved and missed!!!

Grace, I will miss your underarm tickles you’d try to sneak as you hugged me, your belly laugh, your smile, your voicemails to me, and your love the most!!! I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am for being blind to what was really going on in that hospital!!! I know you have already forgiven me and maybe someday I will forgive myself. 💔 Thank you for being you and for saving me!!! 💜

Love, Your Big Sister Jessica