Urgent - What's Really Happening?

Genocide Is Back, With A Vengeance!

Urgent – Genocide Is Back, With A Vengeance!

Introduction: The death of our daughter Grace was not an accident. Her death has caused us to dig deeper into what’s really going on. In our case, the hospital was used as a pawn in a global agenda that makes the genocide that took place in Nazi Germany look like a playground. The genocide behind taking out a beautiful Down Syndrome girl is only a small part of what’s happening on a global scale.

What’s Going on? Agenda 21 – the U.N. Codified the Sustainability Agenda back in 1992:

The fundamental false belief behind this transforming Agenda – the planet cannot sustain itself with the current population.

The Bible tells us to be fruitful and multiply (Genesis 1:22). The world has rejected God.

The Bible warns of massive population reduction in the end days: Revelation 6:8 (1/4 of the earth taken out by the Agenda – people following the lies); and Revelation 9:15 (another 1/3). See The Coming Convergence: https://tubitv.com/movies/438709/the-coming-convergence?msclkid=1ac82ad2ba8c11ecbae09bfd7f6e63c5

The population reduction is happening right in front of our eyes, with COVID as the cover. We are being poisoned with the jab, the boosters, and the treatment protocols and being lied to in a coordinated effort by our government and the media. Our government has motivated our medical system to do the dirty work, through financial incentives – doctors and nurses have become serial killers. See how evil the implementation of the Agenda has become: https://rumble.com/v10mnew-live-world-premiere-watch-the-water.html.

Think about the lies being peddled:

  1. The virus came from bats (the U.S. sponsored the lab that created it);
  2. COVID is a deadly pandemic (they created a fear to control the population);
  3. The vaccine is safe (it is injecting DNA altering technology into your body);
  4. Remdesivir is the only approved treatment drug for COVID (75% death rate if > 2 doses);
  5. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine don’t work (they have been proven to be phenomenally effective – why is the U.S. in the top 20 in COVID death rates worldwide?)

What’s coming? Drive through treatments to administer Remdesivir (now being called Veklury); Exploding side-effects of the jab; A jab antidote so the government can look like your savior. What freedom will you trade for the antidote? They are just warming up! God has warned us of all of these things in His Word – we are quickly heading into The Great Tribulation. God is allowing mankind to head into the Great Reset – don’t be fooled. The video below gives a status of that work as of April 9. While the status is truthful, the solution is not. There’s only one way to be prepared. https://vernoncoleman.org/videos/we-have-eight-months (link no longer available)

OUR WARNING RELATES TO WHAT WE’VE SPECIFICALLY LEARNED as a result of Grace’s death! Stay out of the path of the serial killers and REFUSE TO BE POISONED:

  • Don’t go to the hospital, unless you have researched the hospital beforehand
  • Don’t take the jab (if you have, repent; God is bigger than the damage it can cause to you)
  • Have safe sources of drinking water (no public supplies) and safe food sources
  • Stop listening to the state-controlled media (assume they are lying); there are many sources of truth – you are responsible to educate yourself; don’t rely on others to do your work

THERE’S A MUCH BIGGER WARNING…WHAT IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO? Turn to God and pray for a heart to pursue truth. He will lead you to the only one, His Son Jesus, who will never lead you astray and is the only source of truth. IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE AGENDA, YOU WILL PERISH ETERNALLY. THE TIME IS URGENT!

A personal note from Grace’s family: Our hope is by shedding light on evil, through Grace’s death, unbelievers have another chance to look to God for solutions vs. man. He continues to call all who want Him to Himself. It seems Grace died a martyr’s death. That may be why doors keep opening.