What Can Be Done? What Can We Do?

Part of an Agenda? Deception in America

Divide and Conquer

Satan’s Deception Illustrated in America

(God is showing Himself in the separation happening)


* = Liberal = morality is relative; Non-liberal = morality is absolute
Red = trapped in deception (Satan’s work is complete)
Green = motivated by right vs. wrong
Blue = motivated by God’s truth


It appears that many people in America are still asleep. It also appears that those who have been woken up are mostly invested in utilizing man’s ways to solve a problem only God can fix, presumably believing if the masses wake up, we can save America. Q: What caused America to fall asleep? A: Falling away from God. Having patriots in political positions will not bring our country back to its founding roots. God wants no one to perish. We have been lulled asleep by prosperity and many other temptations. Telling the truth about the deception in this country has a role in the battle. The truth should lead us to pursue Him again, so we can be with Him eternally. He wants none to perish. That’s what’s at stake in this battle and is all that matters. Only God can fix America, if that is His will.