Big Brother Travis

Writings by Grace: Compare and Contrast

Grace Schara
December 12, 2019

Compare and Contrast

Hello class. I’ll commence by telling you I’m Grace Emily S. I am a girl. I am the little sister of my big brother. I like to sing and dance. When I dance, I am limber. I am not athletic. I do not exercise much. I am pretty and have dark brown hair. I have Down Syndrome; everybody knows that. I love pickles and I get them out of ajar.

I called my big brother Chicken Butt, Butt Cheeks. He had blonde hair. He was athletic. He was a lifeguard at the YMCA. He was a young man and a personal trainer. He was a very handsome gentleman who liked Star Wars. He was the biggest fan of Chewbacca. He was a big brother to me. When I see him again, it will be heavenly bliss.

We liked to FaceTime each other. We are both Schara’s. We are talented. We both like music, such as Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. We both care about others and like cats and dogs and are loving like Elvis’s song ‘Loving You’. I did not use the word fervor, but it reminds me of Elvis’s song ‘Fever’. I also didn’t use the word qualm, which is opposite of calm.