Hearts From Heaven

After we lost Grace’s big brother Travis, aka ‘Chicken Butt Butt Cheeks,’ to suicide October 9th, 2018, Grace, aka ‘Chicken Wing,’ as Travis called her, began to see hearts appear all around us. She would see them EVERYWHERE, even in the food she’d eat! It brought her (and us) comfort in the days that followed, as we were all missing Travis so much. We felt as if God was letting Travis tell us he was safe with Him in heaven.

Travis and Grace both knew Jesus as their Savior, and we now picture them happily together again in His loving presence. Grace had such faith and would tell us she knew Travis was in heaven with Jesus!

Here are photos of some of the hearts she/we had seen over the years after losing Travis as well as hearts we are seeing now. Since losing Grace, the ‘Hearts from Heaven’ are showing up even more! God now seems to be letting Grace tell us she is ok and with Travis.

Oh, how we wish she was physically still with us (and Travis too), loving on us and others, and shining His light upon the world! As much as we want them back, we know God allowed them to go home early for a reason. They wouldn’t want to come back either because they’re spending eternity with Him.