On December 23, 2021, I came down with Covid. My husband is a Family Physician in SW Washington State. We both became ill at about the same time. On Jan 2, 2022, I became much worse. My O2 dropped to 92. I had an anaphylactic reaction. I was not breathing. My daughter grabbed me and began CPR. The rest of my family called 911. I was rushed in the snow to Providence Centralia hospital. I had insisted during the time of my illness that if I became worse, I did not want to be intimated and absolutely no Remdesivir. They pressured me into agreeing to intubation. My husband is licensed in WA State only. Unfortunately for me they could not find a bed for me in WA state, and I was transported to Oregon where I was admitted into St Vincent’s ICU. No one was with me. My husband was denied access to me for two weeks; hospital protocol he was told. I was placed on a combination of midazolam, propofol, precedex, and fentanyl in a continuous IV drip for 52 days.

I was not bathed, my mouth was not swabbed nor teeth brushed , my hair was not combed. I had the feeling of being abandoned. My family was called twice for a consult. My death was eminent. On the 17th day after admission my husband was allowed to see me. My body was bloated with fluid. My eyes bulging from my head. My husband asked what my albumin level was. It was very low. My husband told them they needed to administer albumin. The head of the ICU told him albumin was too expensive. My husband said he’d pay for it. Three days later I was given albumin. In three days, I lost 26 pints of fluid.

In February, still on IV drugs, I was assigned a new respiratory therapist. She was my Angel. She asked me if I trusted her. I do remember saying "yes". She told the ICU head that I was overly medicated. They stopped the IV drip. She weaned me off of O2 and onto room air. In mid-February I began to come out of my coma. I was completely paralyzed. My feet were filled with gangrene (I am not diabetic).

On March 1, 2022, I was sent to a rehab center in Centralia WA. The PA there diagnosed me as having muscle weakness. I did not have muscle weakness. I was paralyzed. I could not roll. I could not touch my nose with my finger. I could not feed myself. My hair was full of mats which my husband cut from my head. I had dysphonia from the damage done to my trachea.

The nursing home I was in continued the abuse of care. One lie after another documented in their medical record. This included the lie that I was a diabetic. There was one glucose level done which was normal. No meds given and no testing just documentation in medical record.

After a month of abuse my husband brought me home still paralyzed with home health care. I was still paralyzed but slowly my body was waking up - April 2022 1 year ago. Our dining room was turned into a hospital room.

On August 16, 2022, I had surgery to amputate my toes. I had severe damage to my heels. My healing continues to this day. I spend most of my time in my wheelchair. I’m still lacking balance and the ability to walk. With the help of a walker, I can walk about 150 feet.

Yes, Christ has been with me comforting me and cradling me in His arms this past year and 3 months. I am so thankful for every little accomplishment. I have been Blessed by care givers who love Jesus. Their help has been invaluable. The prayers of hundreds across the country has sustained me. My prayer is that the murder stops. It is obvious that the protocols kill. This is an assault against Americans. It is nothing less than a genocide.

I’m not looking for financial gain. I would like to see acknowledgment and admission of medical errors knowingly committed. Many of the medications given at once were paralytics. The accompanying instructions indicate they should not be given for more than 24 hours. Being denied access to my family breaks my heart to this day. Please God do not let anyone else suffer as I did.

Chehalis, WA