We found out our mother was murdered just as an article "Bad to the Bone" was going to press in Fortune Magazine. The article is just the beginning of the story of our mother’s murder and is the background of what was going on and those who literally conspired in her medical murder by doing illegal human experimentation on patients without their knowledge by a product that was contra-indicated by the FDA for use in the spine.


Hansjorg Weiss the owner and dictator of the medical device company and one of the wealthiest men in Switzerland (yet lives in the United States) was not even charged at the Federal Trial with the FDA. due to his close connections with John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder currently Obama's Attorney General, named Weiss as "person number 7" even though there was evidence Weiss was in control of the smallest detail of his company Norian.

Our mother’s story began with a fall she had while doing construction on her home in Honduras. He had no major damage but was sore. The esteemed orthopedic surgeon Dr Jens Chapman who was hired by Weiss to experiment on pigs at the University of Washington and placed in the position of holder of the "Hans Weiss Orthopedic Chair" had convinced her she had cancer that had metastasized to her bones, and she needed an extensive vertebral surgery to "hold her together" for the remaining time she had left. But in the end, no bone metastasis, he wanted another subject to experiment on. There is much more to say about this....

Our mother bleed out on the operating table during the "routine" orthopedic surgery by the same mechanism that killed all the pigs they injected it into. It causes blood clots to the extent the body tries to counteract this by going into a coagulation cascade and the whole body literally bleeds out.

Chapman and UW did not file an adverse event report to the FDA as they were supposed to until he killed Joan Bryant (also from my small home town in Enumclaw) two years later. The attorney for Bryant had a private investigator track down who the unknown woman was on the adverse report and contacted me days before this story went to press so they put in a sentence about her death at the bottom of the story.

We are the only ones that took this to trial. And to think this as going on while the FDA knew about it and they were under investigation is heartbreakingly wrong.

All the parties were named in our mother’s trial, but alas ...too much big money on a slam dunk trial. I was even afraid for my life during the three years we prepared for the trial considering the people and amount of money involved as the trial was in June 2016 as Hilary Clinton was preparing for her presidential candidacy and she was being alerted to this story was breaking.

J&J had purchased Norian and had their big lawyers at our mother’s trial. Weiss, University of Washington, State of Washington (employer to Chapman), Norian, the three corporate officers (who pled the fifth in our trial). The surgeon, Dr Chapman, in trial acknowledged to the jury that he told us he was going to use a cement called PMMA which was the gold standard FDA approved product, yet he used his experimental Norian Cement to further the company's illegal tests.

I have all the documents and video depositions of the trial, I have the trial on tape. There is nothing I cannot use.

But all walk free...Dr Chapman practices at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.

They did charge battery also.....If there is any way to still bring a case against these people I would do so in a heartbeat!

Enumclaw, WA