I am responding to your recent interview with Michael Kane on CHD TV. I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I have never known a downs syndrome individual who was not equally amazing. I have often said we all should have Down's syndrome, as the world would be a better place. I pray daily that you triumph in your fight for justice. Of all the horror stories I've heard over the past 3 years, your story has tugged at my heart strings the most and I am incredibly grateful for bring to light this genocide of our disabled children.

I wanted to reach out to you because of something you said that I think people need to be aware of. You mentioned that this genocide has been going on for decades. This too I have felt for a long time based on my own experiences, as least a genocide of the elderly.

When my mom was sick, I witness how they murdered her. This was about 10 years ago now. She was in her 80's with a history of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), when she got pneumonia from the pneumonia vaccine, they required her to have in the nursing home leading to a hospital admission. Once in the hospital, first they sedated her with Ativan, stating she was anxious. Then they talked her into a Tracheotomy that she did not need. They promised her it would only be needed as temporary, that it would help her breathe easier, and once the pneumonia was treated, they would close the Trach. As a nurse, I recommended against it, but I had to respect my mom's decisions, as she had no dementia and was capable of making her own medical decisions. The anesthesia had not even worn off from the surgery, when the medical team’s tune suddenly changed, stating the trach was intended to be permanent. Soon after this surgery, she could not eat without aspirating food into her lungs and now needed a second surgery for a GT (a surgically placed feeding tube in the stomach). From there she went back to a nursing home where she barely got any care, and they kept adding new medications and fake diagnoses. A short time later came another bout of pneumonia which she did not survive.

My mom was very vocal, a fighter, and I watched as they stole her voice and then killed her. I had always felt this was medical murder and the goal was never focused on getting her well. First, they rob you of all your assets and then murder you. At least this is what I have come to believe. And I really have come to believe there is an intent to rob one of all their money by recommending all kinds of expensive medical treatments and surgeries before murdering you.

As a nurse I worked with babies my whole career, so it was appalling to me to see how our elderly were being treated. I had long ago realized that the medical system was solely focused on making money and unless you had an exceptional medical team, you were just profits to them. I also had long realized that the goal of corporate medicine was to make and keep people sick, as this was how the medical system made money. But, I did not expect medical murder to be taking place, especially without an individual’s consent.

The 2nd time I witness medical murder of the elderly was when my aunt was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, I was not aware of my aunt’s situation until she was already in hospice care, as my aunt lived across the country and chose not to reveal her diagnosis to anyone but her immediate family. A few years ago, during the COVID plandemic, my cousin asked me to assist with her care. When I arrived, my aunt was minimally responsive and already on palliative care at home. My cousin was giving her fluids by syringe into her mouth when I suggested she ask the palliative care team for IV fluids. Being a baby nurse, I rarely dealt with end-of-life care, but when I did it was considered unethical to not provide Intravenous (IV) fluids - even if it was just sugar water (D5W)- in addition to pain management so they would be comfortable and then let them die in God's time. My aunt already had a port in place for venous access, so hooking up some IV fluids to keep her hydrated would have been easy. I was again appalled to learn that this was no longer routine care for individuals on palliative care. This is assisted suicide, as the body cannot live for more than 3 days without water, and without consent, as this was not my aunt’s, or the immediate family’s wish.

I suspect my uncle too was medically murdered, but I have no proof of this. At 89 years old, during the COVID plandemic, he fell and broke his hip. Before this he was in good health and independent, only needing a cane for ambulating. He went to the hospital for the broken hip and then to rehab to relearn to walk and never came home. Got COVID during his stay in the hospital and then dead a couple days later. My cousin was baffled because days before this he was doing good in rehab, and they were discussing discharge. I too spoke to him a couple days before and he was in good spirits looking forward to coming home. Unfortunately, there have been way too many stories like this, especially during COVID. With the family denied their visitation rights it is hard to know what went on.

Thank you again for this fight and my prayers are with you and your amazing Grace daily.

Redmond, WA