My dear sweet mother had been ill for a few days. (She was only 75.) She had trouble breathing and so she called an ambulance. They took her to the closest hospital ... The nurse I spoke to said, "She is Covid negative, but she has pneumonia, and is getting antibiotics so she'll be just fine." ...

Hours later, my sister-in-law got a call from the ER saying my mom wants to be picked up to go home. When she got there Mom was weak and on oxygen via a cannula. She called me since the doctor was there now. I could hear what he was telling my sister-in-law; he said she is Covid positive. I said, "What? I was told she is Covid negative and just has pneumonia and is on antibiotics and that she'll be fine." He said, "Who told you that?" in a condescending way...

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Wood Dale, IL

Thanksgiving 2021 my sister’s mother-in-law came to dinner at my parents’ house. She had just been boosted. My parents were unvaccinated by choice. My parents, along with my brother-in-law, niece and nephew all caught covid-19.

My dad was hospitalized 12-3-21 with pneumonia. My mom was hospitalized 12-4-21 for 24 hour observation.

Mom was murdered 12-16-21 and given tocilizumab. Dad was given baricitinib but escaped to a lung rehab hospital only to be murdered by c-diff and septic. They drown him in fluids.

So much neglect. They were dehydrated and starved. Dad lost over 40 lbs in 21 days.

We kept trying to get them out of the hospitals because I could see the evil at work. But they had them trapped by the use of oxygen.

I want their voices to be heard. Phillip and Bernice Rasmus were loved by many. They did not deserve to leave this earth this way. I know they are with our Lord, but I miss them.

Rock Falls, IL

They killed my daughter too. We have to stop all of this. Please help me get my daughter’s story out. She got the covid. My daughter lived 1000s miles from me. They put her in the hospital; went all wrong from there. She was begging for help...... I have message from FaceTime. Well, they vented her at 82% oxygen. Someone broke her breathing pipe; yes, her breathing pipe. Then they put my daughter in ER for 5 days. They would not tell me how she was nothing. They moved her and put my daughter in a basic life support ambulance not a critical care ambulance like she needed. Well, my daughter coded within the hour. The lady driving wasn't licensed for a critical care patient. When I got to go to Winfield Alabama, where my daughter was taken to, I saw her and asked what happened to my baby. The doctor said someone broke her breathing pipe before she got here. I asked how the hell that happened. The doctor said either with blunt force when they put it in, or on the side of the road where she coded. I need to help stop this. My heart and soul are ripped right out as you know. God bless.

Rockton, IL