. . . Not long after she got the booster my mom started to get really sick and her kidneys started to fail, and she was admitted to the hospital. They ended up putting her in the Covid ward which was crazy because I know she didn’t have Covid! . . .

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Stockton, CA

. . . The morning of his passing it was pouring as if the heavens themselves were crying, as I heard the doctors whispering. I ran over to my sweet boy. My ten-pound boy was puffy and at least thirty pounds, filled with fluid and methyl-blue. Blue was seeping out of his nose and wounds. When I looked at my son, I knew, I knew his heart was failing. His blood pressure kept dropping and he kept desaturating. How could they do this to him and not be willing to help in anyway. He was suffering and their unwillingness to help, forced me to have to make a decision that no parent should ever have to make. In Liam's final moments I promised him, I would make it my life's mission to stop this type of discrimination from happening to any other baby and I apologized to him, for failing him . . .

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Portola, CA

Unbelievable story of young mom killed by hospital protocols:

Claremont, CA

First off, I am so very sorry for your loss. I know no words can console you, so I pray the Lord brings you the peace and justice you deserve.

You story is dear to my heart as I am a special ed teacher, and I just lost my husband in November for VERY similar circumstances. I am reaching out to you to let you know I am following your story very closely and I would love to assist as necessary. Being that we live in CA, my husband passed due to "protocol" or more accurately - lack of knowledge on how to get someone off a vent (when he never wanted to be on one in the first place, and they put him in respiratory distress to "legally justify a vent" and of course it was after I was forced to leave as zoomed to the ICU), denying patient rights, over medicating (6 SEDATIVE), every time he came alive they drugged him more, etc. There is so much to my story that I would love to share. We are Christians and I do believe what is happening is Biblical, however it is time the Silent Majority take a stand and hold those who are killing our loved ones responsible for their actions. It is still very tender to my heart, and has taken me a while to say, my husband was killed, Martyred for standing up for what is right while they treat you like a criminal because you disagree with their ridiculous and unconstitutional "protocol".

I am prayerfully considering legal action myself, however not for money but for "We the People...." I have had no leads or support willing to stand with or behind me, and so I wait.

Please, when time permits reach out. Even if for prayer or encouragement. God is good and has reasons far beyond our understanding.

Santa Maria, CA

I watched the video of your story and of what happened to your daughter.

Now I have been watching the Grand Jury by the corona virus investigative committee. On day 2 at about the 5 hour 20 minute mark the speaker says the hospitals have been giving non vaccinated patients the same medications your daughter was given. A lethal cocktail. Also putting them on DNR status. As soon as I heard that I spent time searching out how to contact you.

In this grand jury opening statement, they asked for people to get in contact with them if you had something to add, was a witness, was a victim.

Please contact Reiner Fuellmich.

What happened to your daughter is unimaginable. Knowing this is happening to people worldwide.... it must stop and those who issued this protocol must be held accountable. That is what this committee intends to do.

Camarillo, CA