My mom Patricia was admitted to the ER a day after her 70th birthday on October 13, 2020 due to her oxygen levels being below 70. I took her to the ER. The hospital would not let me go in the building/room with her. We checked up on her on a daily basis. This would be her 3rd time in 10 years having pneumonia. She has type 2 diabetes and was overweight but always took care of me and my father who had cancer.

They put her on a ventilator and sedated her. She had her cell phone with her, and she called me on my 41st birthday to wish me happy birthday. She said she wasn't ready to die ...

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Oklahoma City, OK

My mother died secondary to the hospital wanting her bed for a COVID patient. She was recovering from sepsis and a broken lower leg and was hallucinating and confused secondary to the sepsis and after-effects of sedation from surgery.

They diagnosed her with end-of-life dementia and forced her into hospice where she was basically euthanized. She passed within 36 hours from the sedation they pumped in her. She had been just fine 10 days earlier. They kept telling us they had COVID patients lined up on beds in the hallways. We never saw a single patient in a hallway during the 6 days she was there. The COVID protocol handed down from the CMS and NIH are killing non-COVID patients, just like the Epoch Times article said. I sob daily over her loss. I’m so very sorry you lost Grace. She sounds wonderful. We can look forward to being reunited one day.

Edmond, OK