First off ….my condolences to your family on the loss of your daughter. And thank you for providing this service to bring to light the corruption in the health care industry.

This is just a brief summary of our experience. I am still putting together a more detailed list of misdiagnosed and/or over prescribing of meds, blood samples and X-rays/CT scans.

My feeling is that Raul was immediately seen as a $ sign for the hospital ...

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Omaha, NE

What you said was almost the same thing that happened to my brother. He was a healthy, strong, 75 year old man. Took all his vitamins like Grace, but ended up with pneumonia. They gave him Remdesivir and when they tried to ventilate him he fought it because he was aware of what it does so they put him in a coma. He was dead in a week! He was murdered as well. Hospital in Jackson, TN.

Humboldt, NE