My brother took my dad to Banner Desert South on Baseline Road in Mesa AZ on December 21, 2020 to rule out a broken bone after a fall. My brother was told he could not go in with my dad, so he went back out to wait in the car. Hours passed and we kept calling up there to check on my dad. Over 24 hours later a nurse called and said that we had to make a life ending decision for my dad as he was 'fighting' them on treatment...

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Lawson, MO

My son was murdered at Mercy South in St. Louis. He was sitting up on the side of the bed chatting with the OT at 7:30 pm. We were allowed to see him through the glass. He was dead shortly after at midnight.

We were coerced into agreeing to a ventilator if absolutely necessary. We had no idea he was that ill and were never had any indication he was close to death. They called us after a CPR machine was started after midnight. They had given him morphine, midazolam, and fentanyl at some point that evening even though he told them he had no pain. He had been admitted to the hospital for sores on his feet.

The doctor's comforting words said in a sarcastic tone were, "if he'd been vaccinated, he'd still be alive." The staff resented he had not been vaccinated and they knew he was to be killed. We could "feel" it but couldn't put our finger on what was going on. It was like everyone was smirking with a secret but not telling us.

We loved our son and are still in despair. He was 47 years old. We had asked for ivermectin, and they refused.

St. Louis, MO

My 86 year old husband was admitted to MOSAIC Hospital on Jan 3, 2021 and was immediately diagnosed with COVID. He had no symptoms and had only been not feeling well, but then fainted just a few hours before he was admitted. I also had COVID, diagnosed on 12/25/2020, and was refused medicine or treatment for the next 12 days ...

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Saint Joseph, MO

My brother-in-law was not disabled, but had some health issues. He was admitted to St. Clair Hospital in December of 2021 with breathing problems. They put him on a ventilator almost immediately. Then started Remdesivir. I begged my family to listen to me, but because I am unvaccinated, they would not. I sent them articles they would not read and demanded that I stop upsetting everyone. Ron passed away after being on the ventilator for 14 days. Interestingly enough, the exact number of days for the hospital to receive the additional funds for ventilator use. My heart breaks for him and my family, although at this point they still do not speak to me.

Ron was 60 years old and was delighted to have his second grandchild. Tragic.

St. Louis, MO

My mother was taken from my siblings and I the same way Grace passed. She went up to Maryland to visit my brother back in October 2021. She was going to spend some time with his family and stay through the Thanksgiving holiday to cook dinner and fellowship. However, she never got the opportunity to do that. Originally from Missouri, my mother contracted covid from my brother and was taken to Holy Cross Germantown hospital, (one with a D rating), because her oxygen dropped to about 70%; in addition, she had a cough. My mother was diagnosed with covid and admitted. The events leading up to her death were horrendous and involved multiple encounters with nurses, doctors, DON's and the like without compassion, care, professionalism, or dignity for human life. We were consistently given the run around about my mother's care, prognosis, and progress. When we became fed up, we requested she be transferred to Johns Hopkins. They would not allow us to do this because the doctor stated she would die if she left the hospital via transport.

Like Grace, she was given multiple medications that sedated her and made her worse, leading up to their goal - to intubate her. At one instance, we were told she was doing better, and within a day or two, she was getting worse. This occurred multiple times. They refused to help her eat or feed her and laughed during their morning rounds because the Chick-Fil-A my brother brought her the night before was still sitting on her counter. They brought up the idea of the feeding tube, but we refused. To make a long story short, our mother was conveniently intubated overnight (after receiving high flow oxygen multiple days), when they were "unable" to involve us - her family, and without our permission. In fact, they went against our request to ventilate her and administer meds that we specifically stated we did not want her to have. We were kept from going to visit her. When we inquired about why, with her being post covid, they lied and stated she had another day before we could even see her. My siblings and I were moved to question what occurred during that 24 hr timeframe where they blocked us from seeing her? Ultimately this nightmare got even worse when not even 48 hours later, after intubating her, they were calling and informing us that my mother did not make it, on December 13th, 2021. A day prior to that, my mom text my sister, "help." She was too weak to speak or answer any text messages prior to this, so for her to send that message to my sister was horrifying. My mother was only 65 years old - she had a birthday in September. My siblings and I have been trying to find a way to do something about the injustices she encountered in an effort to hold these medical professionals accountable, but are unsure about where to start. At least until we heard yours and Grace's story. We stand with you guys - as you know you are not alone. Thank you for your courage.

O'Fallon, MO

I just listened to your account of Grace’s death in the hospital on the CR podcast.

I am so sad and concerned and have so many things I would like to say. Currently at my job at an ALF for adults of all ages with disabilities, one of them is in the hospital and I am concerned for his safety, but feel there is nothing I can do.

I am thankful for the efforts you have organized on this website for Grace and hope that people can become more and more organized to protect those most in need in our society.

I also have a very terrible story of the killing of my own brother Karl, (he did not have covid) this past fall in a large hospital system in St. Louis, Missouri ("Mercy"). He was a middle-aged man who also lived with disabilities since the day he was born. On the morning of October 23, 2021 he had an episode of severe seizures for which we called 911. He was brought to the ER via ambulance and had another seizure in the ER. He was admitted to neuro icu. What happened while he was in the hospital was egregious. We have yet to fully understand how he got from seizure to nightly injection sedation, to being confined to an alarmed bed where he was not able to even move without setting it off, to not being allowed to get up to even go to the bathroom, to wild fluctuations in vital signs and blood labs, to removal of drinking cups in his room, to removal of iv fluids, to atrial fib, to sepsis, to death on November 11.

This is the bare bones of what happened to my brother, there are many other details, of course. I miss him every day and will keep telling his story. If I can in any way help someone else out, I would be happy to do so.

Hillsboro, MO