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Shannon is 29 and she is a MN National Guard Staff Sergeant. She was deployed over in Kuwait - and had her Covid19 Vaccine in May. In June and July, she had some mild symptoms, but as she puts it - "Shit hit the fan" in August, just as her Unit was going into Afghanistan to help with the withdrawal. She had to stay behind; she was very sick. Heartbreaking for her. She loves serving in the Guards and has been serving for over 10 years.

She saw several Doctors and had many tests and hospital visits while in Kuwait - all tests came back normal. The Army told her she did need to see a behavior therapist - maybe this is anxiety...(they said).

On one phone call she told me they suspected she could have Guillain Barre Syndrome and that really made me worry because I had heard that illness mentioned as being an issue with the Vaccine. I told her to consider that her onset of her illness could be due to the Vaccine - it's just a possibility ...

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Champlin, MN

I was hospitalized for 13 days at the end of last year with Covid pneumonia. Every single time the doctor came in he would say "you're not vaccinated, are you? We'll have to talk about that when you're feeling better." He refused to give me the monoclonal antibodies until my 6th day in the hospital and wouldn't you know after I finally receive them my protein levels fell DRAMATICALLY and fast. Posts I made along the way on CaringBridge can be found here - https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/sharimcguire.

I couldn't believe the friends who reached out and attacked me for not getting the vaccine. One friend in particular has a sister who is an RN and this was my response to that person:

Covid has certainly been a divisive subject ...

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Maple Grove, MN

I sit here in my kitchen in tears as I read all about your sweet girl Grace. We have a sweet girl too; her name is Olivia Rose. She also brings us and other so much joy that my heart is breaking just reading all about your loss. You are amazing people and so thankful you are doing what you can to expose the darkness that is affecting more than we can know and try to use this to glorify our Father who loves us more than we can imagine. May you continue to draw close to our Merciful God through all these painful trials. That is what your Grace would want for you to be about. Sending my sympathies and love to your family. Thank you for sharing this so others can be saved and made right with God through the example of Grace's life. She lives forever now with her precious Jesus to singing praises to Him. May you be comforted in the confidence you WILL see her again in glory.

Minneapolis, MN