Our mother died December 16, 2021, after a horrific eleven-day ordeal at a hospital whose murderous protocols ensured her death ...

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Cave Creek, AZ

I want to give my deepest condolences to all that have been affected by these terrible protocols.

My Best Friend of 25 years "married for 24" was martyred by a local medical institution in Tucson AZ. A drug induced death using morphine then Remdesivir, ventilator then a drug cocktail of end-of-life care drugs.

You can view her story at: http://www.lifeisprecious.website

Tucson, AZ

In August 2021, shortly after my husband arrived at the Covid ICU unit of Banner University Medical Center Hospital, he was severely neglected. He was given very little food not meant for human consumption, denied Glucerna or Ensure for two weeks after he and I asked for it, left in an unbearably hot room in August of 2021 with triple digit weather. Thank God his nurse brought him a portable fan. Despite ringing the nurse’s button several times, he was left sitting on a toilet for 30 minutes because he was too weak to get up. The same day his blood sugar was allowed to plummet to a dangerous level of around 34. He was very lethargic and incapable of pressing the nurse’s button.

According to my husband, his hospitalist and the two pulmonologists assigned to his case stopped coming in to check on him. Four days went by without a doctor checking in on him. On top of all this, he was treated like a criminal in solitary confinement in a room with no windows, and the door completely shut. That’s when anxiety and lack of hope set in for him.

I felt helpless. It was extremely difficult when I wasn’t even allowed to visit him and calls from hospital staff were not returned. I really did not know what was going on behind closed doors! We are taught to believe hospitals are a safe place for care and healing. This was not the case with my husband.

That’s when I decided this can never happen again! Thanks to my state representative and several others, HB2633, the Glenn Martin Act, named after my husband, overwhelmingly passed this year and was signed into law. Now no one can ever be denied access or visitation to their loved ones.

Prescott, AZ

Consider options outside of the conventional medical system

In case someone you know with similar medical concerns gets covid, I want to tell you how we avoided conventional medical care for covid with my husband.

I believe it was Sunday March 8, 2020 when my husband came down with covid. This was before anyone was suggesting ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat covid, and I think that was actually a blessing. My two daughters, myself, and my husband, all were in the tail end recovery from catching pertussis around Christmas time. My husband years earlier had been previously hospitalized for the blood clot issue. He woke up in the middle of the night screaming how badly both of his legs hurt and yelling at me that he did not feel well.

Monday morning he went to the clinic run by a naturopathic physician who has already been a big part of his health care journey. The naturopath's colleague, another naturopath, was there. He immediately segregated my husband from his other patients and put him on a liter IV vitamin C drip. It takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Two days later he repeated the process.

My husband never went through the hypoxia stage from inflammation. Taking in vitamin C by skipping the digestive tract is more effective. He was treated early enough and just got better.

I have cried and cried because I wish we could roll back time and give Grace the same opportunity. I realize that naturopaths have only been officially licensed in Wisconsin since February of this year so visiting a naturopath was probably never a part of your knowledge about options.

I heard your suggestion on a podcast about the possibility of urgent care before emergency room, so I needed to share my thoughts. Urgent care still sounds terrorizing to me because everyone there is still part of the conventionally trained medical care system. This would be particular of concern with minors or anyone under guardianship because they might decide to bully you with the police after insisting you should be immediately heading to the emergency room. The ignorant often will insist getting care from a naturopath is not real medical care.

Phoenix, AZ

My wife Jenney passed away. A 59 year old. Healthy. No drugs. No tobacco. No alcohol. Athletic. Loving mother. Incredible Grandmother. Passed away on the 20th of January of this year. The way we were treated at the local hospital. People in America need to know that they need a plan ...

Recorded interview from Sean Hannity radio program

Mesa, AZ