The Tragedy: The Love of Money

Introduction: Did Grace Die from Rationed Care or Money?

Did Our Down Syndrome Daughter Die Because of Rationed Care? Or Money?

Grace was a fun loving, caring angel who was taken from us at only 19 years old. She died from a lethal combination of medications used in direct violation of the Package Insert warning for the use of Morphine.

Even after the lethal dosage was administered, she could have been saved if the hospital staff would have chosen to do so. All they had to do was give her the reversal drug, required to be available, listed in the same Package Insert. Why did they ignore the Morphine warnings? They claimed the doctor labeled Grace DNR so they could not do anything, in spite of us screaming to keep her alive. An armed guard was posted outside Grace’s hospital room door, seemingly to prevent staff from helping.

The combination of medications set up Grace’s death. While she was still alive, the failure to use the reversal drug killed her. What was the motivation behind this tragedy? Only God knows. However, we have put together some interesting information that may explain what took place. If money was the primary motivator, and there’s not a legal method to hold the individuals accountable, the evidence we’ve put together fits the crime.

As the U.S. population gets wise to Remdesivir, combined with staffing concerns related to doctors and nurses leaving because of refusing to take the jab and ethical concerns[1] , the medical system will turn to drugs normally used for palliative (end of life) care as the primary tool to accomplish the agenda. This pattern, along with DNR authority taken away from patients/advocates (through government issued blanket DNR orders on certain population groups), is already happening in the UK (see Surprisingly, in a Stateline Article dated March 31, 2020[2] , this abuse in the U.S. was already exposed. The article states, "Over the weekend, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a reminder that people with disabilities have the same worth as everybody else." Why the reminder? "…some U.S. Hospitals already are considering do-not-resuscitate orders for infected patients." Is COVID the convenient excuse to accomplish a portion of the agenda?

Scott Schara
January 24, 2022, updated February 7, 2022 and February 24, 2022

[1] 30% of healthcare workers quit or were laid off during the pandemic:

[2] From "States, Hospitals Grapple with Medical Rationing" - Stateline Article, March 31, 2020 by Michael Ollove

Flow of documents referenced:

Allocation of Care – big picture agenda (the goal)
Flowchart for Covid – possible decision-making method for COVID related situations (the setup 1)
Decision Matrix – chart showing possible many decision-making factors (the setup 2)
DNR Summary – shows the power of the doctor to decide a patient’s fate (the implementation)
Medical Liability – summary of immunity from liability (the cover 1)
Doctor State Investigation Result – the government direct cover (the cover 2)
Federal Investigation Result – the government direct cover (the cover 3)
FEMA Death Reimbursement – the government redirecting your attention (the cover 4)
DOJ Civil Rights Complaint – "We’re too busy" (the cover 5)
The Love of Money – one hospital system exposed (sources available upon request)
So What? – What can we do?