Our hearts go out to you and your family!! We are SO SORRY to hear what happened to your beautiful daughter!! We have been following your story about your Amazing Grace, and have fallen in love with her!! Grace truly is a Star, and will forever shine in our hearts!! Thank you for sharing her story! It is SO SAD, and such a TRAGEDY at what happened at St. Elizabeth's hospital on October 13th of 2021, and what is happening in our country, and all around the world. Satan is at work, and we as a nation, NEED TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON!! So again, thank you so much for getting your story out there, and using if for God's Glory!!

We too have heard of many horrific stories, related to getting the Covid vaccine, to which they have suffered horrible symptoms from it, or have died days later, and it's SO SAD these stories are not being heard; they in fact are being censored??!! It is mind boggling to me, that "they" are getting away with it.... SO, we can't express enough, how truly grateful we are, that you and your family are doing everything in your power to STOP THIS! You can be sure we will be sharing your story with family and friends, so that Grace lives on!!

I thought you might be interested in how we heard about your tragedy... and how your story is reaching others... On the morning of February 14th (I had no intentions of going anywhere that day, other than plans to get things done at the house) but out of the blue, my sister texted me asking if I would like to go for a walk with her that morning. It's about a half-hour drive from Abrams to De Pere, so while I was on my way, I turned on the radio (which I would not have had on otherwise) and I started listening to a program called, 'Stand up for the Truth', on 90.1. This is when a speaker, David Fiorazo, had brought your daughter's story up, and briefly mentioned what had happened... and because my husband and I are fully aware of the corruption that is going on in our government, and the secular world we live in... and with these horrific Covid protocols, I was fully interested in hearing the rest of the story! Therefore, we immediately looked up your story @ouramazinggrace.net We couldn't help but fall in love with Grace, and her FUN, LOVING spirit, and her LOVE FOR THR LORD! Thank you, and Praise God for turning this tragedy, at the hands of man, into such a beautiful amazing journey... and hopefully bringing others TO THE TRUTH... the evil behind all of this, and God's promise of Salvation!

We love looking through Grace's pictures, watching all her videos, seeing her filled with so much LOVE and JOY, and touching so many lives (including ours; AND so many others!) Clearly, as parents, you have done an amazing job in raising such a beautiful soul, knowing the Lord... The words, "Well done, Good and Faithful Servants", come to mind... Kudos to you both!! :). One of my favorites is when she got the opportunity to sing with "Elvis", and her cute dance! And also when she was baptized... that was so beautiful and precious, it made me cry! ...knowing we will get to meet Grace in our heavenly home some day!! :)

We would love to hear more from you, and how your/her story continues... and watch God take an absolute tragedy, and turn it into something beautiful!

Praying for you and your family during this very difficult time, and walking with you through the journey... May God continue to Bless You and your family :)

Abrams, WI