I hope all is well with you; it’s been a while. I have been following your story about Grace and thought I would reach out. I am not certain on the time frame when I planted the trees around your pond, meaning I am not certain how old the kids were at that time.

My son Evan has Epilepsy with Lennox - Gastaut Syndrome. Evan is now 31 years old. Evan was in St. Elizabeth's Hospital, with some seizure related issues, after you started informing the public of the Immoral Health Care System that exists so close to home. They tested him for Covid, and although he had absolutely no symptoms, they said he tested positive and was placed in the Covid wing where he could not be accompanied by myself or my wife Julie. We got a call from the Doctor saying they wanted to put him on an experimental drug to help with his Covid symptoms, which obviously were nonexistent when he left us from the emergency room. He was in the hospital for a few days, until we were eventually able to get him out.

The failure of the doctors to properly care for Evan, and the failure of appropriate procedures in the Covid wing were very concerning to both Julie and me. We got him home and eating again and it all worked out fine. Had we not heard your story prior to this incident, I believe Evan could have ended up another statistic at St Elizabeth's Hospital. Had we not taken your story into account, things may not have worked out so well.

Thanks for sharing and informing others of the dangers of some of the folks, and some of the decisions being made, in our irresponsible health care system.

Blessings to you, and those close to you, as you continue your journey to make a difference in the lives of others. May God give you the strength and the patience needed to take on such a challenge. You have my condolence's.

Black Creek, WI