On February 7th, 2022, my sister was in a car accident. She was taken to VCU trauma center in Central VA. They immediately did a covid test and said she had covid. No, she didn't! Not a cold, a sniffle, cough - nothing!! So, she was high jacked as a covid patient. We were blocked from going in. All we had were phone calls to the nurses’ station, for about the first 30 days.

My sister lived with me, so I knew she wasn't sick with anything! I guess I was lucky to know their protocol. I was researching everything I could when it first came on the scene! So, I refused the covid shots and filed for exemption - was denied. So, I was fired on December 31, 2021.

I was home with my sister Pam when that terrible car accident happened. I knew that the protocol was Remdesivir. I also knew it was given at night. So, I called the night nurse and asked if she was giving it to her. She replied "yes." I went off and demanded for her not to give Pam another drop. Her reply was "it’s just small doses." I replied with some choice words, not to give another drop and that I know the game and they will all pay for their dirty deeds in the end! Well, it must have worked because they stopped the use. It didn't kill her; just damaged her kidneys, liver and lungs. She went through hell. With me by her side every day once they let me come in, she spent 103 days at VCU. Her kidneys shut down; had to do dialysis to help flush out the poison in her system. They had her on morphine, fentanyl, and a bunch of other drugs. She was in a medical coma. With the help of 1 nurse - she helped me deal with the monsters! She knew what they were doing. God bless her for not siding with the devil!

Milford, VA