Maybe my story is different from most others, in that no one died. But it is important to note what a hospital can do today, and I'm sharing what happened to me.

I am 72 years old, very healthy (thanking the Lord for that) and I teach a Sunday School Class to women over 70. Having had knee problems for years, I got to where I had terrible sciatic nerve pain and had trouble walking, so my doctor recommended a knee replacement. I knew several women close to my age who had that done, so I decided to do it. However, there was a hurdle: covid vaccines were now mandated at many medical facilities in order to have surgery or even enter the hospital. On my chart from my General Physician's records, it read at the top: NO COVID VACCINE in bright red letters. I had talked to my GP about it, and she did not believe everyone had to get the vaccine - she said she just had to tell people why it's good to do so, especially the elderly. Also, I had been reading about Frontline doctors, and had seen You Tube of Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone speaking about potential threats of the experimental shot. I was up on it all - I even warned my class and many other people to think and read before leaping - told them I wouldn't get it because it was experimental, and I was hearing from doctors who studied it. But almost all trusted the government and doctors.

On arriving at the hospital, the intake person asked if I wanted the shot - I said no, I had already had covid and that I didn't need one. She admitted me. On the top of the first page of my chart was NO COVID VACCINE in bright red colors. My surgery went well, and recovery took longer than usual. It was 3 hours before they could wake me up. I got to the room and my husband was there. He stayed with me until around 8:00 that night, and sadly, I told him to go on home to get some sleep because I was alright. Before he left, a nurse came in with several pills for me to take. I asked her what they were; one was antibiotic, and two were for pain. I told her I didn't need any pain pills because wasn't in pain (and I wasn't), probably because the pain killers they already gave me were still working. So, my husband left, and I dozed off. Around 11:00 at night, I was awakened by a very painful jab in the upper right arm. I opened my eyes and sat up so quickly that the nurse jumped back, with a needle in her hand. I asked her - almost yelling because my arm hurt so much-- "what are you doing???" She looked at me a moment, thinking, and said, "I'm giving you an injection." I asked her what it was, and she thought again, then said, "the same thing that is in your IV". My mind was sharp enough, as the meds had worn off, so I asked, "Then why didn't you put it in the port instead of jabbing me in the arm??" I was probably glaring at her, as she stepped back, reached down to pick up a couple other needles, didn't answer, and rushed out of the room". Now, with the previous 3 surgeries in my life, when any employee came into my room at the hospital, they always knocked on the door and announced who they were. This nurse did not do that. She came in silently while I slept.

I really think she was jabbing me with the vax. I don't know how much went in because it felt like she shoved the needle into the bone, but I believe she gave me the vax. I believe this nurse was going around giving shots to people who were asleep, thinking she was a hero for making sure everyone followed orders and got the shot. Or she had some other sinister plot. I stayed awake, and went home the next day, as I knew I had to get out of there. I knew I couldn't prove that anyone came in there and gave me a shot. I did get all my medical records, and there was no record of a shot that night. The records just say "injections" on two different days. They give injections in surgery for pain and other reasons. For a few weeks, there was still a spot where she jabbed me. And within a few weeks, I began having stomach problems and pain in places where I've never had pain. But I knew there was no evidence, no way I could prove what happened. So, I tell who I can to NOT trust the medical profession, and take someone to the hospital to always be in the room with them. Sadly, there are so many who still rely on the government and the medical employees, having no idea of the danger. And sadly, they may know the danger, but want to go on "one more trip" or have to have the vax to work.

Bryan, TX