I am 65 years old, divorced, and living alone. I worked the last 17+ years and was in charge of medical records at an ambulatory surgery center at a major hospital in Dallas.

I got COVID in October 2021, and had to do mandatory quarantine at home for 2 weeks. My PCP office kept calling me to get to an emergency room and do some kind of stem cell mess and some other things. I told them, "NO, I'm NOT going to the hospital". They kept calling and finally I had to get a little nasty with them. I told them a friend gave me some Ivermectin and I was over the sickness after about 3 days and that I was NOT going into the hospital, and to STOP calling me about this. They said, "What is Ivermectin?" I replied, "EXACTLY...you DON'T know what you're talking about. All you're doing is following ‘protocols’ and you are NOT treating as an individual patient. So STOP with the calls."

Last October I had a TIA stroke. It only affected my balance, but I was in the hospital for two weeks. I made up my mind that I was NOT going to be railroaded anymore. I immediately started to assert my rights. I made it clear to them they would not do ANYTHING to me WITHOUT talking to me FIRST to explain what they want to do and answer my questions! I would then decide to accept that treatment or reject. A doctor tried to give me another medication without my consent. I refused it, and demanded to talk to the doctor immediately regarding this. The head doctor came in and promptly I told him, "I work here. I KNOW what is going on. You're just following protocols and NOT treating me as an individual. Now you're going to explain to me about why I need this new medication." He answered, "You're right, the doctor was following protocols and it seems you do know what's going on." He deleted the new medication.

I used to think a hospital is a safe place.....it's NOT. I listened to the program 2 times Grace's father was on Olive Tree Ministries and was sad AND angry about what happened to Grace. I promptly went to the website, copied the links and tweeted it out. Then I went to Rumble and tweeted out "Breaking the Oath". People need to know the truth of what is and has been happening.

I'm SO thankful that Grace's dad is pursuing justice in the murder of Grace. I KNOW our righteous God WILL give him justice.

Mesquite, TX