I just found your story today and I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.

I lost my husband, who was 62 years of age, on December 4, 2021. I cannot find closure. The pain from his hospital stay tears me apart every minute of everyday.

When I found and read your story about Grace, I was searching, like I do every day, for real people who went through this same hell and killing of a loved one. God must of brought me to it, because God is the only reason I am making it through this living Hell each day.

My husband was at Mclaren’s Hospital in Maumee, Ohio. He had just retired in May after working so hard his whole life. He got Covid in October of 2021 around the week of Halloween. He was unvaccinated.

He just was not getting better, so I took him to the McLaren's Hospital in Maumee. There he spent two days in the emergency room. I kick myself now, because I let him stay there.

One of the doctors in the emergency room was so rude when he found out my husband was not vaccinated. I asked the doctor if he thought my husband needed fluids for being dehydrated and he looked at me with glary eyes and said, "We do not give fluids to Covid patients." and stormed out of the room. The ER nurse looked at me and said that was the first she ever heard that, and then eight hours later they approved him for fluids! Imagine that.

He spent 48 hours waiting for a bed in the emergency room. Then a nurse came down from the floor where he was going to be and was nice as pie saying they would get him up and walk him around up there. I shared that with the ER nurse, and told her that I was so glad they were going to get him up and walk upstairs. She looked at me and said, "They will never get him up and walk him up there! She lied to you." I was feeling very scared then.

A little while later the doctor, who was going to be taking care of my husband, came in the room and went up to my husband and asked him how he felt about being vented. My husband said he did not feel good about it and the doctor asked why. My husband said because everyone he heard of, who got vented, went home in a tiny little box.

The doctor then came up to me, got real close to my face, and asked how do I feel about my husband being vented? I said, "I feel the same as him." He then said, "Do you want your husband to die?" I started to cry and said no, and he started laughing and said, "We’ll take good care of your husband don't worry."

Well, they did! They killed my husband with the same concoction they gave your daughter. I could not get in to see my husband for 12 days. I always talked to him on the phone, and he was coherent. When I finally got in to see him, he smelled so bad, as they had not bathed him for 12 days! His last shower was the morning before we left for hospital.

The day before I saw him a super nice nurse, who was filling in on the Covid floor, called me and said she was getting me in a day early to see my husband, and everything looked good with him. I rushed up to hospital and sat there waiting for two hours to see him. That nurse then came down and apologized, and said the doctor wouldn’t allow me to come up a day early. I had tested positive for Covid too, so he made me wait for twelve days just being a jerk.

My husband was getting better, and then he turned for the worse! It was a nightmare. I had gone to the hospital, and he seemed so drugged up. I asked the nurse why my husband was so drugged, and she looked at the chart. Her eyes got really big, and said, "Why did they give him all this morphine?" and ran to another nurse to show her. Eight hours later my husband went into kidney failure.

The story of his death aches me everyday. There is so much more about what happened, after that slow painful death, which I truly believe was murder. I do not have enough to write on here.

When I found your story today, I know I am not crazy anymore. They were killing people for money.

My heart breaks for you and your family. I am trying to not let the devil take my joy. I will try to do something for God’s Glory to result of this nightmare.

This pretty much has ripped me apart. Sorry for your loss and for reaching out to you people. I do not know the road I will go on, but God will lead me in the right direction. God Bless you and your family.

Swanton, OH