My oldest sister Tammy had rheumatoid arthritis for many years, and in 2021 she came down with a bad cold and was told it was Covid.

After a few weeks she was back at work teaching her special needs children. Soon after that, she had gone to see her rheumatoid doctor and the doctor felt she needed to do an infusion to get her situation/inflammation under control. They used Remicade which she had been given before, but this time the doctor wanted her to do a double infusion which she had never done before. A few days later she started to have problems breathing, so she went to the emergency room where they said she would have to be admitted and put on oxygen.

Later, that hospital said they could not help her. They then sent her to another hospital where they put her on a ventilator and told her that this would help and give her lungs time to heal from the long Covid, and possible fungal bacteria. They really had no clue what it was. She was scared and listened to the doctors. She asked them, "Will it save me? Then yes, I will do this".

Clearly, they had to know that it was the Remicade that had caused the lung damage, but still they insisted it was from the Covid, All biopsies came back negative for bacteria, fungal and Covid, but soon after they put her on the vent, they had blown out her lungs and killed her.

She left behind two sons who now have no mother nor father, as these hospitals killed both of them! Her death certificate showed she died from rheumatoid arthritis AND Covid. The hospital made money off of my sister!

Piqua, OH