On November 5, 2021 we had no choice but to take our son to the emergency room in Bullhead City Arizona. Our son had low oxygen reading and we needed some oxygen for him. He was admitted into the hospital and put into the ICU with Covid pneumonia. Our son had Down Syndrome and a Factor 5 blood disorder. The Factor 5 clotted his blood. Since 2013 he had been on Warfarin for his blood clots. Prefect storm for the hospital.

Upon his admittance, the admitting doctor ordered all his meds including his Warfarin. On November 6, unknown to us, the order was cancelled by another doctor.

They wanted to give him Remdesivir and we said, "NO- we do not want him to have that." We asked for another drug that our primary doctor stated had better results and not harmful to the liver and kidneys. Because our son was non-verbal and was strong headed, they wanted us to stay 24/7 with him. We also had Covid and were very sick. But we did 12 hours shifts with him.

We were right there for them to discuss all with us. According to the records, we were not told they started Remdesivir. My husband caught them the second dose and told them "No" again. According to one report, he got a total of four doses. On the 13th of November, our son had to go poop and would not use the bed pan. So, I lifted him out of bed and was going to put him on the bedside commode. He started to scream, and I went to put him back on the bed and he flatlined on me. So, they backed me off and did a Sternum rub and got his heart going. They strong armed me into allowing him to be put on a ventilator. They stated if I wanted him to live that I would put him on it.

Unknown to us that they have not been giving him blood thinners all this time. I feel he throw a clot and it passed through his heart. On 18th of November, we were again not aware, they gave him Alteplase, a clot buster. Now this is where the reports don't match up. The one report states that he was given Heparin starting November 11, 2021, but the other report states not until November 25, 2021. On November 24, 2021, they rolled him from his belly to his back and his blood pressure tanked. We heard the doctor state that he thinks that he threw a clot. They would not do a cat scan or an ultrasound. They had him on 4 different blood pressure drips trying to keep his blood pressure up. We told them that was what happened in 2013 when he had clots in his lungs. We were ignored.

On November 29, 2021, we shut off the machines. This information that I provided was after I got the courage up to read the reports on November 10, 2022.

Laughlin, NV