I am grateful for this opportunity to share our story. My heart breaks for each one, as I have read through so many stories shared.

Morris was a 60 year old, very smart, larger than life, lovable, gentle giant. He was technically my uncle, but we were so close in age that he was more like my brother/best friend. Morris was deaf since birth, but he never let that stop him, no matter what challenges he faced so often. Morris was a tow truck driver and absolutely amazing at it. We had to fight to finally have regulations changed to allow him a waiver in order to obtain a CDL. He was one of a few that led this battle for the deaf community; he paved the way. Morris was a big guy and could easily intimidate someone, but he had such a kind heart, always willing to help others. He loved the Lord and his family so much!

Morris and our family chose not to get the vaccine. He worked out in the community all through the pandemic, hauling for the company he was working for at that time. Right after Christmas 2021, I tested positive for Covid. I took Ivermectin, Z-pack and a steroid pack... it helped me recover rather quickly. Morris started to not feel well around 1/2/2022, but he did not test positive until 1/8/2022. We tried the same meds with him, but he was not recovering as quickly. During the night of 1/13-1/14/2022 - Morris had a fall in the kitchen. He did not completely pass out, more light headed and went down. The next morning, he had a "face plant" fall, and was "out" for a short bit. I ended up calling EMS since his BP was quite low (especially for him, since he normally had high BP). They came out and assessed him, but he was doing better... and since he already had a doctor appointment scheduled that day, they suggested waiting to see how that appointment went for him. Later at his appointment, he was given a steroid shot, an antibiotic (stating he had a UTI), and inhalers for wheezing…even though he was told they did not think he had pneumonia. The next morning 1/15/2022, he had 3 more falls with his blood pressure dropping very low (70s/40s). I called EMS back out, and this time they encouraged him to go get checked at the ER. I told them that I had to be with him because I was his interpreter, he would refuse anyone else.

The ER care was pathetic. He was put in a room, with oxygen, fluids and an antibiotic. I had to help him with using the bathroom as no one hardly came into the room. I would even look for someone, but could not find any assistance. He had to have some help since he was having the syncope issues and falls. I told them I felt he was having those due to the drop in BP, but that was never addressed properly. I asked about monoclonal antibodies, and was told they did not have any available. When the doctor finally came in to see him, his whole attitude and response changed when he realized Morris was not vaccinated. He tried using the "fear tactic" that the chances of beating it were very slim. He offered to put him on Remdesivir, but we declined. (I was also Morris' HCPOA and had provided the paperwork.)

Morris' test/x-rays indicated he had a little pneumonia in the lower part of one lung. The doctor wanted to admit him for "observation". Of course, I wish I would have brought him home instead. Once he finally got into a room at almost 2am, the room was very cold. I asked the nurse about it and if they could please turn up the heat. I was concerned that it would worsen his condition if he got too cold or chilled. By the next evening, they finally let us know that it had been an issue in the boiler room. The next morning, Morris' oxygen level was dropping and they had to change to the high flow oxygen therapy ... also telling us that he now had double pneumonia. He was taken down to the ICU... meds were changed to different antibiotics, and they were rotating out the High flow oxygen with a Bi-pap machine. I was still with Morris all during this time, which was definitely unusual to their protocol of only allowing 2 hour visits. I responded as if there was no choice anyway... and Morris told them (through me) that I was his "ears and voice"... he would not use the video interpreter. I was exposed to so much of what was happening behind the scenes ... the insensitivity and neglect shown.

I requested him to be put on Vitamin C and Vitamin D. I was told they did not have that in a drip... they were never given to him. A picc line was put in, which I was told it would be easier on him so that his skin wouldn't break down from several iv's. I didn't realize they would use it to shove so many medications into him. He was put on Precedex, Ativan, Fentanyl, steroids, several different antibiotics, heart meds, kidney meds, and blood thinner. I asked them to take him off the Precedex and Ativan, that he did not have anxiety and it was not necessary... I was ignored. He ended up with kidney failure and on dialysis. He wasn't given any nutrition for a few days and he had no appetite to physically eat anything himself. I kept being told he was getting liquids through the IVs, but that was the medications.

On 1/23, the doctor came in his room... Morris told this doctor that he was "going to keep fighting to get better and go home". On 1/24, he had a fairly good day... until that evening; I noticed he was going into a deeper sleep. I thought he was finally resting well, which I thought was needed for healing. The next morning 1/25, I started getting hit hard in all directions... that Morris needed to go on the ventilator. The "push" was unbelievable and very insensitive.

One doctor came in with an attitude towards me, stating Morris was nonresponsive. When I explained to her how he had been the day before, she coldly walked around his bed lifting his arms and letting them drop...taking her pen and brushing it up the bottom of his feet (which his foot did jerk when she did it)… she was trying to prove to me that he was in a coma. The next doctor came in… and I was asking questions to get more clarification. He said to me "he either goes on the vent, or he goes on to heaven". I looked at him and asked "what did you just say to me?"... he would not repeat it. Morris' skin was blotching, he was so sedated there was no way to communicate with him. I stepped out to call some of my family and discuss everything (still being pushed to "hurry up" or he is not going to make it). I finally agreed to the ventilator (which I still regret). Once he was on the ventilator, they told me I would have to leave... that he didn't need an "interpreter" anymore. I showed them how I was able to "sign" on his chest, just like you would whisper into a hearing persons ear if they are unconscious. I called nurse management. I was allowed to come all through the day, but had to leave at night.

On 1/30/2022, the Physician Assistant told me that he seemed to have developed some other "infection", so they wanted to do a test. They took sputum, urine and fecal to test. Late Sunday night, I got a call wanting me to consider turning off the ventilator; that he had made a turn for the worse and would not recover. My mom and I went over...I told the doctor to try Epinephrine (since his heart rate would not come up). The doctor questioned how I would know about this med. At first, they said it would take a while to get any from pharmacy, and then it came to the room about 10 min later and saying they were giving the Epinephrine to him. My mom and I stayed by Morris' bedside all night. We signed into his chest, rubbed his hands and head... trying to let him know he was not alone and letting him know how much he was loved.

The Lord took Morris home at 7:12am on 1/31/2022. We know he is fully healed, even hearing which we rejoice; but our hearts are broken and we miss him so much! I did get his medical records... the sputum test from 1/30 showed "mold". Something needs to be done to stop this genocide!!

Winston Salem, NC