I have 25-years’ experience in cardiac and oncology. My husband was murdered by the hospital system I trusted. I had to call on the police to see my husband for a few minutes before I was told he would be vented before morning. Yet, I could take care of other covid patients in the same hospital system. I ended up quitting my job after my husband died at the hospital on a ventilator. The entire hospital stay let me see how corrupt the system is, and I openly tell people who will listen my husband was murdered. I figured out what was going on too late to save my husband.

Milford, MI

My sister Lori Kay Deschaw age 67 passed away March 11, 2022. I know Henry Ford main hospital in Detroit Michigan murdered my sister.

She had liver cancer and ended up in hospital for issues from her liver cancer. Toxins built up in her body sometimes if she didn't have 4 bowel movements a day. The toxins went to her brain which caused her to be very confused, weak, unable to walk, etc. That has happened a few times during her cancer battle the past year and a half. She would get better within 4/5 days and come home. This time it was different. The local hospital transferred her to Detroit Henry Ford main hospital where her liver specialist was.

She was tested two times for Covid and it was negative. Detroit tested her again and they claimed she was positive. They kicked me out of her room and quarantined her. She wasn't able to think straight or talk well because of the toxins because of liver not working well. The hospital saw her as an easy target. You can just imagine what happened next. Yes, Remdesivir for five days without our consent. It was horrible what they did to her. They ventilated her. They claimed she stopped breathing.

She was hospitalized February 17th, 2022 and died March 11th, 2022. They wouldn't let us in to see her. We only could call to talk to nurses. Her husband is in denial about what happened to her. He received all vaccines and boosters for Covid and made her get them too. He thinks the government and CDC are trustworthy.

My heart is broken, and I know my sister was tortured in that hospital with all the poisons they injected in her. She had no knowledge of what was happening.

Hearing your story about your daughter is confirmation to me that I’m not crazy it’s not conspiracy - they are killing people for money. My condolences to you and your family. I thank you for what you are doing; telling Grace’s story, hospital rescues, etc. I believe God Almighty will bring justice to all who were murdered in the hospitals. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. My sister was married so my family doesn't have much power on her behalf.

In short, my sister was in the hospital, alone and defenseless - an easy target. They saw an opportunity and they took it. Murder for money. They even put on death certificate she died of liver cancer. Unbelievable. They murdered her.

Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Trenton, MI

Just watched your interview with Nino and I'm so sorry to hear what your family went through. One of our neighbors had a son with downs syndrome and he died a little over a year ago in a similar way. I don't know any of the real details except that he got sick was taken to the hospital, diagnosed as having Covid and then died shortly later.

My wife and I both 72 yrs. old tested positive with an at home test and we think we got it from our son at our Thanksgiving dinner last year. I scheduled a zoom call with my primary care physician in hopes he might prescribe HCQ, Ivermectin or some other anti-viral drug but no, it was just a waste of time and money.

In the end neither of us got very ill. a bit of a cough, temps of about 101.5 F and blood ox levels always 95% or higher. In about 8 - 10 days it was gone.

Neither of us are "Vaxed" took no special drugs except a few Motrin for aches and pains, but I think our good outcomes may be because of our Vit-D levels. My wife is at around 78 ng/ml and I'm at 60 ng/ml. We both had blood tests shortly before this all started just as part of routine checkups. I've lost about 4 feet of my small bowel in three surgeries do to Crohn's disease and have to take pretty massive doses to maintain my levels and have ramped up to 10,000 IU a day over several years to keep them good.

Ironically our 41 yr. old son and 16 yr. old grandson got much more ill than either of us with our grandson being taken to the hospital twice and the second time being given monoclonal antibodies which seem to help a lot. Our son's ex is a nurse and put him in touch with a Dr that would prescribe Ivermectin and that seemed to help him somewhat.

I went and got orders for antibody blood tests for my wife and I and as I thought I would I showed positive for Covid antibodies. My wife never used hers but I wanted the proof in case I ever get into an argument with someone about needing to get the " Non vaccine Vaccine" I put a PDF copy on my cell in case the need ever arises.

Thank you for sharing your family’s story with the world Scott, people need to be made aware and know what's going on in the medical profession these days.

Rochester, MI

My mom Twila Apger was in an abusive guardianship, and placed in a nursing home in Houghton County Michigan where she was drugged with antipsychotics, placed on a DNR, and neglected.

I petitioned the court for guardianship to try to get her out of that situation, and a week before we were supposed to go to court, they placed my mom on hospice, she had a urinary tract infection that they didn’t want to treat, they took away her blood pressure and thyroid meds and replaced with Morphine, Ativan and Fentanyl. I filed for an emergency hearing once I found out they placed her on hospice ...

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Iron Mountain, MI

I went into the ER 7 times 6 different hospitals from January to Good Friday 2021. If not for God, and some medical knowledge, I would not be writing this (I was a caregiver most of my life). On February 16-18th 2 hospitals attempted to murder me. I went to ER for extremely high BP and BPM (it was caused by bacteria infection from wearing the mask for work I came to find out). I was drugged without consent or a consult, not hydrated, no food, and no sleep. At first hospital they forced a PCR test, I had no symptoms for covid (all cardiac issues) I told them I don't need one that's not why I'm here. They stated it's administrative policy to get admitted, get test results or further treatment. I still said No, they then shoved the qtip right up my nose. They had me in ER from 10 pm on the 16th till 4 pm on the 17th, they said they were admitting me but wouldn't say why. After they drugged me, an orthopedic surgeon came in the room, in his scrubs stating I'd have neck surgery at 1 pm next day? They kept saying they were waiting for a room to be ready; funny thing is when I got in the room it wasn't set up (toiletries, towels, etc). And it was also a huge observation room with camera's, which they denied when I asked? They drugged me while I was distracted with a EKG. I watched them write lower numbers for my BP then what it really was, it was 214/114. If they cut me open it would have killed me. The billing had all covid treatment, but they also paid the Orthopedic surgeon. They also ran me head to toe threw a CT scan TWICE! I would really Love if I could tell someone the rest of my story, it would be easier for me. The fact they had me on an orthopedic floor, scheduled a neck surgery, lied to my face several times trying to gaslight me. You should see the billing from all these places, fraud all over the place. There is much more to this story, and I have proof between medical records I could get and the billing. Please I feel so alone. Thank you God Bless PS I also witnessed some pretty scary stuff on that floor.

White Lake, MI

I'm so sorry to hear of your tragic loss on The Stew Peters Show. While it is extremely disturbing to realize these hideous things do happen, at the same time it validates my instincts as a mother of a daughter born with Down Syndrome. My daughter is now 32 and your lovely Grace reminds me so much of my own sweet girl. First, I will tell you of an instance that seems minor, but where a red flag popped up for me. My daughter, as was yours I'm certain, is highly generous and always wants to give of what she has, so I was not surprised but alarmed when I learned that she had volunteered to be an organ donor, on her state ID in the event that she was in some accident. My maternal instincts told me that doing so might put her into a compromised situation in the event that there was a tragedy and the wrong people where in charge at the time. There are eugenicists among us. That's not a theory, it's a fact.

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Farmington Hills, MI

My amazing daughter Emily who happens to also have down syndrome Passed December 17th of covid. So many things about your story sound familiar I was told I had no choice but to put her on the ventilator And the ventilator is what killed my daughter from a staph infection. I begged for them to give her the monoclonal antibody. They refused, it wasn't until she was almost dead that they decided to give it to her as an appeasement to me because I made them put in her chart that I asked for it every day. I begged for ivermectin and the C drip and they refused. so on Dec 17th she passed away from the staff infection in her lungs. two days later my husband Also passed away from covid two doors down from my daughter at the same hospital. My heart is shattered in a million pieces, I don't think I will ever recover from this.

Kalkaska, MI