My son, Jonathon Crenshaw (age 35) became ill with covid early July 2021. He entered the first hospital on July 7, 2021. He was ventilated and give Remdesivir against my wishes. Jonathon consented to the ventilator and Remdesivir as he was an adult. He was airlifted to another hospital on July 14, 2021 and put on ECMO. He underwent numerous medical procedures. On August 20, he was fully conscious and able to communicate with his family. He was eventually removed from the vent and improved enough to participate in PT and OT. He was able to eat any food of his choosing. We were told that Jonathon would need a bilateral lung transplant at a hospital in Phoenix Arizona. Jonathon was not chosen for the transplant. The doctors said that he was not supposed to have lived and they did not know what to do with him. He could not live on the ECMO indefinitely. The decision was made that he would not recover, and he would be removed from the ECMO. I fought the legal system trying to get a restraining order to stay his execution that was set for September 25, 2021. The doctor told me that she would eject me from the hospital if I did not stop fighting the execution. I call his death an execution because that is what he called it. He would ask the nurses and medical staff what time his execution was going to take place. I asked Jonathon if he wanted me to keep fighting. He told me to stop fighting because I was fighting evil and would not win. He said he needed me to be with him when they turned off the machine. He said he was going to be with Jesus and to stop fighting and stop crying. In fact, all of his friends came to visit, and he would not let them cry in his room. He said his room was a "no cry zone". He made me promise to tell his story to anyone that will listen. That is exactly what I have done.

West Monroe, LA