A unique story about Sweet, Special Janyia and her mom’s journey having her. The life of anyone with ‘special abilities’ is precious.

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Life can be so unfair…

"The mistakes the three medical professionals made, left me to be in this chair.

Spending my life, that's yet ahead of me, fighting illness and enduring many surgeries, is not fair.

I do often wonder how it feels to run and play and breath in the fresh air.

I fight almost every day to continue my life here.

I wish people wouldn't stop and stare and realize I am here.

I may not walk and talk or look a certain way, but I'm still a little girl in this chair.

I feel joy and pain just like you. I can hear, so please understand its not polite to say I am different because I'm bound to this chair.

I can communicate! You just won’t hear me say any words, but look me in my eyes and I can tell you anything. You won’t expect to hear me say

I was one of the unfortunate, as they say I am, but whose to say you're not!

I can show you the true meaning of life this way, IF YOU just open up your heart.

They say my time here is limited, so I do the best I can. My advice for you I will say is to enjoy every second of every day. You are blessed with health so keep an open mind."


It's been 10 years and still myself and other children are affected by this both emotional and mentally…

I was lost before my pregnancy and within this pregnancy I had a rupture, a hetero topic rupture being 13 weeks pregnant. My fetus was growing in my uterus and I was not expected to make it. I suffered internal bleeding for several hours experiencing the pain of death 4 hours as my organs were drowning in my own blood fighting a battle most wouldn't live to tell. If it wasn't for my grandmother I would not be here to tell you, and our miracle Janyia would have never been born.


"You do not have to do anything to be loved, you’re loved because you existed."

It wasn't my time and Janyia had a purpose to be born.

I thought about the lesson experiencing death, and still here I realized the experience and the life beyond is not what I expected, or was taught even to believe.

A whole ‘new road of life’ was ahead of us; the medical journey of a special needs child, her fight through so many close calls, the unimaginable, and the pain she has endured. I just wish, right now, our grandmother was here, so I could tell her the things I'm passing on.

Life has been tough this past year going through so much. You believe it’s life, because that's what we're taught. Some get good luck, some get bad luck, but that is not relevant. The good luck/bad luck does not exist. The right from wrong does not either, but going through such a close call in life when a tornado ripped through our life does.

I barely was able to get my precious baby girl to safety in that split second. I did though, but you know, she was not afraid. I had no machines with us when we were in the safety zone for over an hour. With having no machines available somehow she did not require them. You would think with the commotion and the energy in that situation it would have stressed her, but it didn't.

That made me realize that in life we're afraid or clinging on what we believe is security, sanity, and happiness. We must stop clinging and be free. Living in fear is what most of us do… looking back and fearing death and dying before we're supposed to. Stop being afraid and start being awake feeling your senses, instead of what life says.

With having an outer body experience so close to death September 13th 2012, the feeling of being free, the wakening of fearlessness and realizing I am human and given life, was a gift. We are so close-minded.

Janyia wasn't expected to even continue developing at 13 weeks in utero. With no blood flow or oxygen they expected the miscarriage. She continued to fight with so many odds going at her. She was not expected to be born with a beating heart, and time and time again she should not have survived. Many, many obstacles continued, and she suffered more (at least that’s how I saw it), but in reality she was never suffering.

She is a miracle! She is not blinded, like most of us are! She is proof there is so much more to life if you're not close-minded.

Del Moines, IA