My husband had always been in in excellent health. However, late December of 2020 he developed a cough. He began running fever the night of January 4, 2021 and started having difficulty breathing. I carried him to the emergency room of the local hospital, and he was admitted with Covid. After being in the hospital for a little over a week he was put on a ventilator. According to his records, which I acquired, he had been given Remdesivir. He was transferred to a hospital in Macon, GA January 31 and according to the staff at the hospital, the reason was the Macon hospital would be able to wean him off the ventilator. He coded the second night he was there, but survived a heart attack, and was transferred to a larger hospital in Macon. While he was there, they discovered that he had had two strokes in addition to the heart attack. After being there a week and non-responsive, his vital organs began to shut down. When his general practitioner found out he had died, she was shocked because he had always been in excellent health. After hearing stories about the drug Remdesivir, I began to suspect that this medication might have killed my husband instead of Covid. When I requested his records from all three hospitals, I found that he indeed had been given that medication.

Hawkinsville, GA