We called an ambulance early on 9/18/21 due to low oxygen levels. The Primary Doctor did not order oxygen on 9/17/21 for my husband Thomas Leonardi.

Tom tested negative 3x that week, but the hospital said he was Covid positive. They administered Remdesivir immediately even though I told Primary Doctor No! On 9/20/21 Tom refused Baricitinib, they shot him with Haldol and put him on a ventilator continued to administer Baricitinib with Probenecid - 2 drugs that pharmacological literature states should not be combined. When we called, they said he was "asleep"!

Unbeknownst to me, he was in the same clothes for 5 days because I snuck in to see him on the 5th day. He was disheveled, disillusioned, incoherent, and frightened! He hadn’t eaten anything. They asked my help to get him into a hospital gown; I wish I had gotten him out of there!

They forced me to leave, and I wasn't permitted to see him again until 10/7. (Nurse said he was Covid NEGATIVE on 10/9; hospital records say 10/1. Records state he was given Remdesivir EVERYDAY until he died. Why?) When I finally was allowed to see him, he was so thin and on 40 liters per minute of oxygen at 100%. They saw I was trying to help him eat.

Unbeknownst to me, they increased the sedation narcotics and caused a heart attack. He was intubated and paralyzed on 10/11 until death on 11/2/21. I pleaded for Ivermectin; he was given only 3mg for 3 days. This was blatant, premeditated murder.

I have written to the AHCA, Governor DeSantis, medical board, hospital administrator, etc. No one cares. I'm left brokenhearted and lost because I trusted them, and they killed him.

Coral Springs, FL