My mom was an amazing teacher, mom and grandma. She took a COVID home test September 5th, 2021. She was doing breathing treatments, vitamins and was getting better slowly until my oldest sister died suddenly of a heart attack on September 8, 2021. As with any parent who sees their child pass away, it was a shock to her system. Her breathing was okay as long as she stayed on her oxygen at home but her cord wasn't long enough to reach through the house. We, my sisters and I, foolishly thought she would be better at the hospital with more present care. (Never underestimate what a loving environment can do). So, she was loaded up and sent away September 14, 2021. That was the last time my mom and I got to say I love you to each other.

One of us girls had always been with her in the hospitals because she has a hearing loss and especially with masks covering faces, she knew our voices even if she could not hear others. We were told we could visit after a week since she took the COVID at home test. Then they changed the day when we could see her to two weeks after admission. My sister, Connie went to see her since she had medical authority, we thought at least she would be let in. After telling her she needed to come up to the hospital, they wouldn't let her in.

Mom had been texting us since it was her only communication, she couldn't hear over the oxygen tanks, and was surprised when we asked her if they talked to her about being on a ventilator. My sister spoke to the nurse and said this was discussed with mom, however she said no. She didn't need a ventilator nor want one, especially with her ear issues.

On September 20th my mom stopped texting us. They had sedated her so much so they could put her on a ventilator, without getting her consent, or my sister’s, who had medical power of attorney. They then proceeded to deny all of this.

We were allowed in September 27th, basically after they told us she wouldn't have quality of life and she probably was vegetative before everything since she wasn't responding now. (Her social life was more than mine.) Then they gave her morphine and told us to say goodbye. An hour later her skin changed color and she was gone. Just like that, more money in their pockets and one more bed to kill people in.

Sarasota, FL