First, I offer my prayers and sympathy for the loss of your sweet daughter Grace.

My family’s story is similar. My ex-husband, the father of my children and still a good friend was murdered in the hospital due to the Covid protocols. In February of 2021, Charles went to the emergency room due to an increasing difficulty breathing. He had already "tested positive for COVID19."

Charles was admitted and put on a BPAP. He was denied any nutrition (the continued excuse being "we have ordered TPN nutrition, but it has not come through yet.) At some point he was moved to ICU and treated with Remdesivir and other "approved COVID drugs". My daughter, who was the most involved due to her medical experience repeatedly asked for updates on Charles’ condition and insisted on being told his stats and condition.

Charles actually began to improve after a nearly 2-week period. There was even talk of him being released. However, possibly because of not receiving any nutrition, Charles had an episode of confusion and lethargy. The hospital staff determined his blood sugar levels were critical and he was supposedly treated accordingly. That treatment, whatever it was, resulted in a huge setback in his improvement. Doctors began talking about putting him on a ventilator, which he vehemently opposed. During this time, my daughter was asked, by a Dr. from the CDC "is your father a productive member of society?"

Charles condition continued to deteriorate despite my daughter’s continued insistence for treatments like monoclonal antibodies or hydroxychloroquine (all denied.) I will add here that my daughter questioned right from the beginning why he was not treated with any of these options and was told that "we do not do that here", or "that is not available to us".

Let me also go back in time and say that before being admitted to the hospital, Charles was denied monoclonal antibodies at a local clinic. This was before he had reached the point of having breathing difficulties. So, after nearly 4 weeks in the hospital, another CDC Dr. told this poor sick man, that "you are going to die, no matter what we do for you".

At that point and at my daughter's desperate urging, Charles agreed to intubation. He was given sedatives, and morphine and in less than 12 hours, it was determined that he had no brain activity. Charles was then taken off the ventilator and passed away.

Ocala, FL