My wife and I both got the supposed Delta Version of Covid in OCT 2021. I had ordered Ivermectin about 1 month prior to this. Bidenski the occupier of the WH halted shipments of this at border locations.

My wife Annie has had pneumonia a few times and was taken to the hospital by our sons who are grown adults. I told my wife and my kids to not let the hospital give Annie Remdesivir or put her on a ventilator. DOCTOR advised that they had to.

Annie as requested refused this killing drug. The doctor stormed out of her room and never returned.

The CU health hospital in Greeley, Co. transferred her to the HEART CENTER of the ROCKIES in LOVELAND, CO. This hospital and heart center area was where they took in COVID people to kill them with the standard protocol of Remdesivir and ventilator. Annie was told that she was going to die there by hospital staff whether she accepted the protocol or not.

She again with prayer refused the protocol treatment and they put her on high flow oxygen, which my wife made them turn the flow down and the heat down even though the first nurse refused, the next day person said sure and Annie started getting better and I received the IVERMECTIN at home. I began taking 3mg of ivermectin for 3 days and was all better but took it for 6 days total.

My wife returned home after 6 days in the hospital, and I started her on Ivermectin and due to her new tremors and still low oxygen uptake. After 3 days she was better, and I gave it to her for 6 days total and she was fully recovered.

I am so sad that the hospital killed Miss Grace. I wish you all due to your court case would sell the t-shirts I saw on rumble that state ‘Hospitals, The New Killing Field.’ At the time my wife Annie went into the hospital, one of my childhood friends went in and accepted the protocol and was dead 4 days later.

The government created this problem and the hospitals performed the function that the government, globalists wanted by using fear, helped kill people worldwide.

Please accept My wife's and my prayers for your entire family and know that GRACE is with JESUS CHRIST in HEAVEN and is still the blessing you cherished.

Your Friends in JESUS CHRIST

Galeton, CO