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Kotka, Finland

2nd Anniversary update to the horrifying story of Nina Lapchinova

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HOSPITAL MURDER AND THEFTS. New alleged crimes revealed during the investigation of medical murder of Lapchinova Nina on Nov.28, 2021 – thefts of Targeniq tablets, liver and the vitreous of the eye.

Valvira (Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) has presented the conclusions given by Mrs.Outi Lapatto-Reiniluoto, a Finnish doctor, and Mr. Philippe Lunetta, Finnish forensic expert. After that the relative of the patient has got an alternative report given by Mr. Vladimir Chernov, a Russian anaesthesiologist with a vast experience also in battlefield hospitals.

Mrs. Lapatto-Reiniluoto advocated the provided treatment. Mr. Chernov denied her conclusions and stated the incorrect medication of fat embolism and lethal effect of illegally used oxycodone hastening the death of the patient. The use of intravenous oxycodone happened without any official prescription which is why a murder should be alleged as the main course of death. The Finnish doctors explicitly avoided to comment the use of the oxycodone as medication hastening the death.

The son of the murdered patient has informed the police and Valvira, Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health, that the illegal medication has been concealed during the hospital care of the patient.

After her death on November 28, 2021 Mrs. Marja-Liisa Mäntymaa, the chief doctor of Kymenhva - the Wellbeing Services County of Kymenlaakso region, illegally declared the medical documentation secret. It is reasonable to assume that Mrs. Mäntymaa had also been aware of the patient's incorrect and illegal medication, especially use of the oxycodone hastening the death while the patient was still alive. Mrs. Mäntymaa violated the Patient Act with the intention of covering up the oxycodone poisoning of the patient. The euthanasia is still a crime in Finland.

During the days before the death the personnel was very hostile towards the patient and the relative. They refused to speak about the medication and always called the guards to remove the relative from the hospital. When removing the relative on the day before the death the nurses referred to his nationality and background: "We are in Finland. There will be no exemptions." Before that the nurse Mrs. Etelälahti admitted that the patient did not receive the officially prescribed medication i.e. Plavix. The day before Dr. Mrs. Laura Flander lied that the patient was taking Plavix.

The hostile racist behaviour of the personnel can be explained by their alleged use of narcotics stolen from the patient which the nurses made unable to swallow them by giving Oxanest injections. The pain killer narcotic Targenic pills allegedly stolen and evidently consumed by the personnel (this information is based on a report by Outi Lapatto-Reiniluoto) might have affected the behaviour of the personnel and motivated them to commit the alleged crime as an additional motive.

Immediately after the death, the relative demanded forensic chemistry and, formally, the Police of the South-Eastern Finland started an investigation. Together with the hospital and Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) (responsible for the forensic autopsy and chemistry) the police delayed the forensic autopsy and chemistry of the blood samples for 12 days.

THL has investigated only the blood samples, but the samples of lever and the vitreous of the eye have been taken and vanished without any official results according to the official minutes drawn up by THL. The THL has allegedly stolen and destroyed this important evidence without any trace.

Their obvious goal was to hide the unauthorized use of oxycodone which has been proven now to be the main course of the death (I refer to the new statement drawn up by Dr. Chernov.). But in March 2022 police used the rigged forensic autopsy and chemistry as a ground to declare the case closed. Then the police accepted the obvious misappropriation of the samples of lever and the vitreous of the eye. The current investigation is very passive, and we have no information about it. The requests on information has been repeated many times.

The Cause of death statement prepared by THL is unreliable and manipulated with the purpose of making impossible the investigation and covering up the crimes stated in Mr. Chernov's statement, i.e. illegal Oxanest injections as a mean of causing and hastening death. Also the failure to treat the patient stated in Mr. Chernov's statement, e.g. regarding fat embolism is a serious crime.

In addition to the secretly administered Oxanest (i.v. oxycodone), the illegal medication also involved the embezzlement of the Targeniq painkiller prescribed to the patient, which may be a partial motive for both the illegal Oxanest injections and the concealment of the documentation. The nurses have allegedly stolen these narcotic Targeniq pills and simultaneously poisoned the patient with illegal and contradictive oxycodone injections. The personnel have been involved in the alleged criminal activity on many levels.

In the numerous statements obtained by Valvira and PVK (Medical Insurance Centre), expert doctors Mr. Esa Hirvonen, Mrs. Laura Flander, doctors Tuvikene/Oom, Mr. Juha Puustinen, Mrs. Outi Lapatto-Reniluoto and Mr. Philippe Lunetta did not express their position on the contraindications/harmfulness of Oxanest and the failure to treat fat embolism, even though these were key questions concerning the alleged medical murder .

The statement by Mr. Chernov declares that the obvious cause of the death was oxycodone given without taking into consideration the already well known contradiction of it to the patient. This contradiction had become obvious during the previous treatment of the patient (a short check-up 3 months before the death). Now oxycodone caused hypoxia and death. The fat embolism has been left also without any treatment.

The so called police crime is investigated by the Proscutors’s office, but the investigation of the actual crime is delayed by the Police of the South-Eastern Finland already involved in the police crime (delay of forensic chemistry and autopsy, closing the case despite the theft of liver and the vitreous of the eye).

Kotka, Finland