My brother took my dad to Banner Desert South on Baseline Road in Mesa AZ on December 21, 2020 to rule out a broken bone after a fall. My brother was told he could not go in with my dad, so he went back out to wait in the car. Hours passed and we kept calling up there to check on my dad. Over 24 hours later a nurse called and said that we had to make a life ending decision for my dad as he was 'fighting' them on treatment.

My thought was, he wanted to go in to rule out a broken bone, why is he fighting that, so I asked, and she said he has COVID. I asked her how a possible broken bone turned into COVID; she said he tested positive. I asked to talk to him; she said he could not talk as he was resting. She wouldn't let me speak to him and threatened all of his kids that if they tried to visit, we would be arrested.

They starved him for 16 days. I asked several times what medications they were giving him. I mentioned I did not want him having remdesivir. She assured me they were not giving him that. Said he was doing better after a dose of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, but the next day he went south again. I asked that she give him more of both, and she said each patient is only allowed one dose of each.

I could go on and on but will attach the link to my story on Rumble below. In the end I got his medical records, behind their back, and sure enough they starved him, gave him remdesivir, and not once did they administer ivermectin. It was intentional homicide. I am beyond upset and I want justice. I want his death certificate updated to 'murder'.

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Lawson, MO