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The Matrix Revealed:
The Illusion of Choice
4/17/2024 News Release
Bellwether Case on
Medical Battery Speeds Toward Trial
11/01/2023 News Release
‘Medical Murder’ Outpaces
Heart Disease and Cancer,
Becoming America’s #1 Cause of Death
9/20/2023 News Release
Trial Date Set in Landmark Lawsuit
7/18/2023 News Release
Breaking the Oath Premieres
Very Few Spots Left
5/21/2023 News Release
Breaking the Oath Premieres
New Documentary Film Spotlights US Hospital
Murders In The Name of COVID-19
5/15/2023 News Release
Schara Family Officially Files Lawsuit
Against Catholic Hospital and Medical Personnel
for Death of Special Needs Daughter
4/12/2023 News Release
Teen's Family Files First Step in
Landmark Lawsuit Against
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
3/30/2023 News Release
Billboard Targets Hospital for
Killing Disabled Teen
2/8/2023 News Release
Very Important
Wisconsin Supreme Court Case
1/17/2023 News Release
Wisconsin Colludes With
Illegal Euthanasia Scheme
12/19/2022 News Release
Holocaust Survivor Says Comparisons to
Covid Agenda Completely Justified
10/05/2022 News Release
States Collude with Hospitals
Over Covid Deaths
9/22/2022 News Release
Worldwide Genocide Plan to
Reduce Population in Effect
7/19/2022 News Release
Hospital Called Our through
Billboard Campaign
06/08/2022 News Release
Disabled Dying at Far Greater
Rate in Hospitals
06/01/2022 News Release
Smoking Gun Discovered in Doctor's
Hand After Death of Patients
05/18/2022 News Release
Billboard Campaign Shines
Light on Hospital Misdeeds
05/16/2022 News Release
Our Amazing Grace Honors
Nurses Who Show Compassion
05/06/2022 News Release
Father Witnesses Genocidal Plan in
Hospital Taht Killed His Daughter
04/19/2022 News Release
"Our Amazing Grace's Light Shines On"
Receives Nonprofit Status
04/12/2022 News Release
Memorial Day Rally at
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
04/08/2022 News Release
Hospitals Endorse National Mandate
to Exterminate Special Needs People
03/07/2022 News Release
GoFundMe Deletes Campaign for
Down Syndrome Girl who Passed Away
03/02/2022 News Release