News Release: 4/12/2023

Schara Family Officially Files Lawsuit Against Catholic Hospital and Medical Personnel for Death of Special Needs Daughter

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APPLETON, WISCONSIN, April 12, 2023 — According to the lawsuit, Grace Schara, a 19-year-old with Down Syndrome, died at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension) after medical personnel administered three drugs that, when given together, are known to hasten severe hypoxia – Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine. Also, according to the complaint, as Grace slipped into acute respiratory failure and Grace’s sister begged for help, instead of starting CPR immediately, the nurses refused; Grace’s physician had independently designated her as a "Do Not Resuscitate" (DNR). That DNR order was written without the family’s consent and in defiance of the Schara family’s express wishes that all lifesaving measures be deployed for their daughter with Down Syndrome.

According to the lawsuit (FILED 04-11-2023 Clerk of Circuit Court, Outagamie County, 2023CV000345), because of the lethal cocktail of drugs and the fraudulent DNR order, Grace died on Oct. 13, 2021. The entire complaint is available here:

The Schara family filed a first of its kind lawsuit against St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension), and doctors and nurses related to the wrongful death of Grace Schara. The first step in the process was a request for mediation with the Director of State Courts, which was filed in Madison, Wisconsin on March 30.

"We are hopeful this lawsuit will pave the way for thousands of other hospital victims’ families to file similar claims," said Scott Schara, Grace’s father. "This is not a case about financial repercussions. It is a case about shining light on a subject hidden from the American people. It is about stopping the behaviors of medical staff that result in needless, premature deaths."

Grace’s legal case lays the groundwork for other hospital victims where their right to informed consent was denied and the patient suffered injury and death.

The Schara family met with the media to outline the family’s legal plans in Appleton, Wisconsin, on March 30, joined by one of their attorneys and another hospital victim. That press conference can be seen here.

You can contact Scott Schara at for more information or to schedule an interview.