Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm so sorry for your beautiful daughter's murder. My siblings and I have been pretty quiet about our mother’s death up in Spotsylvania, Virginia. Mom allegedly had covid-19 w/pneumonia plus a blood clot in her lung! She was going on 74. She suffered with dementia. Her last year alive we knew that it was getting more severe, so we all tried our best to stick to routines and let my mom Make as many decisions concerning her and her happiness by herself under my older sister’s roof. In December 2021 that entire household came down w covid/pneumonia. My sister Tammy (mama's caretaker) and my mom were admitted to the hospital. There had also been a dump of snow and ice the night before in their small town. I will leave that portion for my niece to share.

At the hospital they separated our mom and sister when they clearly could've been bunked in the same room. Tammy and we prayed fiercely, and God healed my sister within 4 days at the hospital. She was discharged and went straight to the hospital that they kept my mom at. We other siblings live in Florida and Chicago and were told not to come till she could have visitors. Tammy was never allowed in the room with my mother, but they let her look through the blinds and try to talk to her in the phone at the same time. My mom is basically blind without her glasses so hearing my sisters voice was good news I would imagine. They kept letting my sister back in the icu hallway and she did her best to get lots of video and shared w us. The last day we got the chance to see my mom (through the stupid blinds) she was doing so so so much better. She even waved at us and threw up the I love you sign to us on video. A doctor of different ethnicity came in the hallway around the same time and started raising his voice and getting on to my sister for being back there. He said she couldn't come back up till my mom was able to have visitors! AGAIN, MY MAMA HAD DEMENTIA AND WASN'T THRIVING DUE TO THE LOSE OF HER DAILY SURROUNDINGS OF GRANDKIDS AND US KIDS. ABOUT 12 HOURS LATER MY MOTHER DIED QUITE VIOLENTLY IN MY OPINION. WE told them NO VENTING!! FOUND OUT AT 3PM THAT MONDAY SHE DIED DUE TO THAT DOCTOR BEING ROUGH ON HER AND FREAKING HER OUT. HE HAD BEEN TRYING TO VENT HER WHEN SHE PAST!!! I'M ANGRY and want revenge but I know I must stay calm. In my mother's book of 5 wishes SHE SPECIFICALLY SAID if they knew she was going to pass, or anything alone those lines, SHE WANTED HER KIDS AND HER SIBLINGS AND GRANDKIDS AROUND HER. SHE ALSO WANTED A VISIT WITH THE CHAPLIN!!! WE COULDN'T FOLLOW THROUGH WITH HER WISHES DUE TO THIS EVIL AND HEARTLESS REGIME.

Tammy through all this had to rush around to finalize my mother's passing. She was still recovering herself with covid. We all helped pick out a beautiful urn. None of us could make it up north due to all the restrictions and harsh times. Tammy sent my mother's urn to Florida so that we too, could celebrate her life. I believe it cost about 4000 dollars; not that the money counts but even we got my Mama's ashes… her urn was completely shattered, and her ashes were spread in various openings.

MY REASON FOR SHARING IS DUE TO THE BLINDNESS OF ALL US IN THE WORLD THAT STOOD BACK AND TRUSTED THESE SICK LUCIFERIANS WITH OUR ELDERLY AND CHILDREN. I pray that we get justice as a nation and that WHOEVER AND I MEAN WHOEVER IN POWER THAT MISLED ANY OF Y'ALL TO GET THE SHOT (knowing it was test trials) ARE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND HANGED. I do apologize for being so lengthy in my story, but I've been trying my hardest to share with people especially those who are dealing with parents with Alzheimer and dementia and any other disability. My mother died after being alone without us hugging her or talking to her or just sitting there to hold her hand. I WANT AND NEED ANSWERS ABOUT THOSE LAST 12 TO 16 HOURS OF MY MOM'S LIFE. The hospital gets 30,000 dollars for every patient that dies in there from covid. They get 250,000 if the patient dies on a ventilator! I'm sure no one will read this, but I Thank you my Father God for helping me heal by sharing a part of Mama's sad story.

Thank you for letting me vent a little. Much love to y'all and I pray we all meet in heaven.

Spotsylvania, Virginia