My son Brandon was a special needs (Downs) who was murdered by the hospital, which I believe he was not diagnosed correctly. He had Covid 19 pneumonia which I believe he only had pneumonia which he tended to get.

He was given Remdesivir, Fentanyl, Lorazepam, Morphine, Midazolam, Propofol and other drugs. We were told he had lived his life expectancy while he was still alive. He was put on a BiPap machine and refused water and food. They refused to give him fluids through an IV and we were told later down the line, over the phone by the Nurse Practitioner, that his oxygen was in the 50’s all night but never called.

She yelled at us when I told her we were on our way and that we are praying so we prayed while she was on the phone, and she kept yelling telling us he’s going to die and that our God and prayers are not working so my husband felt coerced into having him intubated. My son was in the hospital for 3 weeks, or a little longer, and he and us were under constant attack. On his last day he was resuscitated and after that they placed a DNR DNI on him without consent.

We have more than 1800 pages of medical records we were never asked for permission for his treatments we asked for Ivermectin but was told it was for horses. I’m sorry this is so hard there’s just to much to explain and write.

We hired private forensics and when the morgue received my son’s body back it took over a month for one of the doctors to sign his death certificate so the mortician could properly handle his body.

We are wanting to get after everyone involved so others won’t have to endure the Fauci protocol. My son was murdered because he was Down syndrome and his and our faith was attacked. our son endured suffering, being starved, and denied water. The BiPap machine was so tight on his face. I have pictures and video of him that are so horrific, please help us to get justice. I’m sorry I’m at a loss for words. I just don’t know what to say anymore. It is very hurtful bringing it all up so I’m only telling you what I can handle for now.

Hillsboro, TX