I took my husband to emergency on Dec20th 2021...he had a fast heart rate and low oxygen! When we got there, they put an oxygen mask on him and whisked him away.

I said at least twice he is not to get remdesivir. I told the nurse people are dying from this in hospitals all over from this. She got smug and asked why did you bring him then. They then told me to go to my car! I was called like an hour or so later telling me they had him on the BiPap machine. The Dr. called me a couple hours later telling me he was putting him in ICU and putting in a ventilator. I said he is not going on a ventilator, and he said if I don't put him on a ventilator he would die. I said he is not to be put on remdesivir. The Dr. then says we'll there isn't anything else.

I was allowed 15 minutes with him after he was put in the ICU. I was told that would be the last time I could see him.

The next day my daughter and I went to hospital to get him off the remdesivir and fight to save him! We were stalled for over 2 hours. Finally, the patient advocate called the lobby after requesting to speak to someone. I told her 3 times I want the paper to get him off the remdesivir. She stalled also; each time I said it louder. Finally, the 3rd time I said I want the paper to get my husband off the remdesivir or you’re going to see the biggest shit show this hospital has ever seen so loud the whole lobby could hear me! We got the paper in 10 minutes... but then I had to have security with me if I entered the building.

The next day we meet with patient advocate and ICU doctors because I requested that my husband have other treatments. Yes, I did swear which I apologized for, and the doctor said he didn’t feel comfortable speaking to me and hung up...had 2 security guards standing beside me in this meeting...there's way more. The jest is..I fought to see him, then wasn't allowed, then I was, then I wasn't; but when I was had to be escorted by security...they watched me like a hawk; no private time...then later my husband had 2 strokes within 3 days of each other...I complained several times about his care.

The good news I was able to get him home...but not without a fight!

God told me this was my fight. It might have started with my husband but didn't end. I tried calling media nobody would listen. I told them people are dying here; I even had one news guy scoff at me how many are dying. I said shouldn't 1 life be important...I said how many is the magical number?

We had 3 families reach out after him being there just 4 days saying get him out, they are going to kill him...3 in a week...how many in 2 years?

Rapid City, SD