Our hearts and prayers go out from our family to Grace and her family as well as all the family's that have had the unfortunate loss of a loved one through the horrific treatment. Our Lord God is our Savior and helps us with the strength to move on.

My wife was athletic, we worked out together and took long brisk walks together, we were both so excited with the anticipation of our first grandchild. She became ill with pneumonia and her breathing became more challenging for her. We both agreed to take her to the hospital to seek medical care from Monument Health Care, Spearfish SD. She was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and we she was admitted the attending physician immediately told me she had COVID. I argued with the emergency staff and requested a result of the false positive test, they did not offer it and said I had to leave the premises I had been exposed to COVID, if I did not leave they would escort me off the property. I could not see or be with my wife. Who knows what happened when they put the IV in her and put her on a respirator. My only communication with the love of my life was a cell phone which was difficult for her.

My wife refused to be put on a ventilator and or be given Remdesivir. The Dr. called me and asked for me to come to the hospital to meet with him. In meeting with him he informed me my wife was going to die - her lungs were getting filled with congestion and crystallizing due to Covid. Again, I asked for the test results and informed him my wife has pneumonia. The COVID test results were not provided, and neither were the x-rays. I informed the Dr. I wanted her to be given Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. I was immediately told the Hospital could not administer it to her as it is not FDA APPROVED at Monument Health Care. I asked why President Trump was treated with it? The Dr. again said it was not FDA APPROVED. He proceeded to inform me the hospital has had great response with Remdesivir and said if we did not try it my wife would be expired in a few days. I requested to see my wife and shared with her what the Dr. had said to me and asked her what she wanted me to do as she was worsening with her breathing. I said to her I loved her and wanted her home for Christmas.

Against both of our wishes my Angel was given REMDISIVIR to try to keep her alive and I was called in the early morning two days later as this blood coagulating poison caused my wife to have a massive stroke paralyzing her entire right side, without me at her side. I was contacted by the hospital Dr. and by the time I arrived at the hospital she was on life support. Our daughter in the military and pregnant with our first grandchild is stationed in Germany. I contacted her and we said goodbye to our lovely Mother, Grandmother and Wife as I took her off of life support per her request 8 days later on 12-21-2021. She was given two large doses of Morphine before she was taken off life support to help with what little life she had left to pass on somewhat more peacefully to the gates of Heaven and our Lord. I am looking forward to the day I can see my wife again, walk with her and Jesus Christ.

Her death was labeled COVID and who knows how much money was provided to the Monument Health Care from the Dark Side.

God Bless all of you.

Spearfish, SD