I listened to you this past weekend from Jan Markell and Olive Tree Ministry. Praise the Lord for Jan and her work in our Lord!! First my deepest and most sincere sympathies for the loss of your precious, amazing Grace!!!! I cannot wait to meet her with our Lord in the air, as well as your son and so many others!!!!

I have worked over forty years of experience in the medical field. I have seen over the many years, the changes to what is considered normal in labs, the extensive increase in the use of pharmacology, the push for hospice and the forcing of staff to receive yearly injections, or be forces to wear masks, all before the pandemic, not to mention political correctness and "Inclusion" unless you hold fundamental beliefs of the Word of God!

At the onset of Covid19, I was managing two homes with severely developmentally disabled residents with variable multiple co-morbidities, which required each to have 24/7 skilled nursing. It was very obvious, something way bigger than a virus was taking place! We were all given handmade, cloth masks and given a paper bag, in which to store our masks! What?!!!! This is unheard of and not to mention the microbiology growing in a consistently re-used mask! We were then instructed to order masks from an online distributor of various products, not medical grade products. I questioned use of these purchases as I had nurses becoming ill from the use of the masks which were coming from China. I was screamed at by a nursing administrator for my questioning of the use of inferior products for our staff, with such a so-called deadly virus!

Many nursing and medical staff questioned all that was happening, but most went with the directives as set forth. During the initial roll out of the new mRNA injections, I was required to sign consent for our residents to receive the shots (I cannot call them vaccines as the definition has for a vaccine has changed since the original intent). I placed an immediate phone call to the Director of Nurses and informed her of my refusal to sign consent, reviewing the use of an experimental injections, on people who are unable to make an educated, informed consent, as required by the Nuremburg Code. I was flippantly laughed at for my concerns and informed she would have no problem signing for all the residents to have the EUA injection. The injects were administered to both staff and residents, by an outside pharmacy, early in 2021 - an extremely, to say the least, very difficult day for many of us. Knowing what was being injected into everyone that day, could mean potential harm, I had a difficult time holding it together, in front of my staff and had go out for lunchbreak run!

We did have some residents as well as staff, who had early onset adverse reactions, but all the reactions were just basically blown off by the medical staff. It was later in the year I placed before a Tribunal, due to my own declination of the injection, after my submission of a religious exemption. Not a year earlier all nurses and medical staff were considered heroes, working countless hours, dealing directly with virus, setting up isolation areas, changes to variable respiratory treatments, etc. to keep transmission low. Clearly the accolade for the medical staff was a sham from the onset! During the tribunal I required to submit several cited documents for my concerns about the vaccine, although the administrative staff was not asked to provide any information to me. During the Zoom meeting, I was informed of the Pope saying, the use of the injection is okay! Seriously!?!?!?! I serve the Living God, not a man or figure head of any church and certainly NOT the Pope!

My exemption was accepted, for the injection only, but I was then requested to drive, two times/week, an hour one way, to receive nasal swab testing, which obviously the company declined, as per my religious exemption. My employment was terminated, and the facility informed unemployment, that I resigned for not wanting to follow their policies - no income, no payout for all my vacation and sick time.

I have an extensive background in the long-term care industry with my last five years, spent as a certified registered nurse assessment coordinator, also known as a Medicare Nurse (RNC-CT). We are known as the "Money Makers" for a facility. Early on in this position it was obvious, minimal Medicare dollars were being used directly for resident care, as evidenced by lack of staffing/front line workers.

Many facilities put a great amount of money into esthetics, only to draw customers, to the beautiful homelike settings (smoke and mirrors). I have witnessed, firsthand the how the bedside staff, over the many years have been pushed to the very brink and unable to provide the individualized care so vitally needed. I have clearly overheard nurses, that I sadly actually thought were good at their job, make comments, "It's time for that patient to go nite-nite!" This specific nurse literally meant it was time for the resident to die, and she was in an administrative position! This is the new mentality of healthcare! If an elderly person is taking up too many resources and time, well it is time to let them go and this if they not nurtured, they die! I saw this happening at an alarming rate before 2019. I saw many succumb from the flu, prior to Covid, no testing, no forced vaccines. IDD patients when placed in the hospital require 24/7 advocacy, which was also not happening, due to the forced locked downs. People are dying!!!!

I grew up, with a family that immigrated to America in the late 50's. I heard the stories, mostly from my mother, of how horrible the war was, in Europe during the time! My mother as child, during the WWII did not have knowledge of prison camps and/or what was happening! She literally hid under her cows from the planes overhead, dropping bombs. She was later horrified to find out of these death camps, as she had a Jewish friend, that she walked to school with each day, to one morning finding her home completely boarded up with the family just gone. I heard the stories how prayer was taken out of the schools, all crosses taken out, how the youth to "sieg heil" and would become informants of each other and their families. There was no food, rape and murder were not atypical and if the soldiers came to your home, you better submit, or you may not live! I Praise God for her telling me these stories and teaching me at a young age!

I became a follower of Jesus Christ in my late 20's. God had my eyes open and gave me wisdom to see what is coming on the entire world! I spoke at a funeral service this past Saturday, for one of those precious IDD patients (job I was fired from), my nursing staff requested for me to speak! They said I was the only one who could give comforting words - they were informed it is because of Christ! I literally had to speak from the street, outside the home, as I was not allowed on the property do to "Covid" regulations. Praise God His Word went forth!!!! Our God is soooooo good, as I spoke from the parable of the rich man and Lazarus from Luke! I believe this sweet patient died, as an indirect result from the vax, but without medical records and being involved in his care I cannot defend my comment.

May our Lord continue to strengthen and use you! Hearing Vera Sharav is a joy, we would have stories to share! As we look to our Blessed Hope, may He find us faithful to His call! May we be honoring Him with our very lives, as you are doing on this site. Please know I hold no anger against any of my colleagues or those who terminated my career, for we know what man intended for evil, God meant it for good (Genesis 50:20).

Spring City, PA