My heart breaks for you all. I'm sorry your family had to experience this unnecessary stress, suffering, and trauma. I enjoyed reading Grace's obituary and am crying with you. There is no doubt that Grace (and God) are guiding you on this journey. Thank you for sharing Grace's story.

Below I've included a letter I've written to the PA State Representatives to share the story of my Dad. It's devastating as we try to pick up the pieces, mend our broken hearts, and live in a world without my Dad.

Our letter:

"We are writing to express our concern and disgust with the PA medical establishment and share our experience with the suppression of treatments for our Dad. Are you aware that hospital covid protocols are withholding life-saving treatments from patients?

Our Dad passed away on 21 January 2022. We tried advocating for treatments that greatly improved symptoms, within a 24 hour period, for my husband/brother-in-law, friends, and acquaintances. We should point out these same FDA-approved meds were doctor prescribed in other states and countries, have been used safely for decades, and are low cost. However, his doctors would NOT provide a medical reason that my Dad should not have these FDA-approved, doctor prescribed meds. Instead, we were told they could not/would not prescribe these meds because they were not the hospital cv protocol, they would lose their license, they won't prescribe anything that could/would be harmful to a patient, and one even informed us he "already put his neck on the line to prescribe vitamins". Is there a prescribed drug that could be more harmful than DEATH?

It is our understanding that the state medical board has the authority to suspend or remove a doctor's license. Can someone please explain to us why a doctor would be threatened to have their license removed for prescribing FDA-approved medications, using those medications off-label, or prescribing vitamins to save lives? Prior to cv-19, doctors were free to use repurposed therapies. We were also told we would need to file for a court order and hire our own nurse if we wanted our Dad to receive drugs that were not on their protocol. It is also our understanding that the National Institute of Health(NIH) issued guidelines for cv-19 treatments. Can you explain how the NIH obtained authority to issue these guidelines when they are not a treatment organization?

Unfortunately, our attempts to advocate for our Dad were unsuccessful but our hope is through sharing our story we can prevent other families from unnecessary stress, suffering, trauma, and death. In our experience, our family realizes that the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship has been compromised and the system appears to be corrupt. The right to select treatment from existing treatments should be restored to the patient and the doctor. In light of the recent article regarding the OK Attorney General, John O’Connor’s decision permitting doctors to use FDA-approved medications for the treatment of cv-19, without facing disciplinary action, what will you do to restore the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship?

At this point, we believe some doctors are not acting in the best interest of their patients, and the ones that do are at risk of losing their licenses. We have lost all confidence in the health care system.


** As of Monday, 14 March 2022, State Representative Andrew Lewis' office informed my family that he co-sponsored HB 1741 "Coronavirus Infection Medication Act" which would allow for medications to be used off-label, without fear of disciplinary action. The bill has passed the PA House and is awaiting floor vote to pass the Senate. ** I'm hopeful, but my expectations are low. Honestly, this never should have been an issue to be voted on.

Pittsburg, PA