My mom Patricia was admitted to the ER a day after her 70th birthday on October 13, 2020 due to her oxygen levels being below 70. I took her to the ER. The hospital would not let me go in the building/room with her. We checked up on her on a daily basis. This would be her 3rd time in 10 years having pneumonia. She has type 2 diabetes and was overweight but always took care of me and my father who had cancer.

They put her on a ventilator and sedated her. She had her cell phone with her, and she called me on my 41st birthday to wish me happy birthday. She said she wasn't ready to die. She would remain on a ventilator for several months. I talked to nurse that was giving me updates and they told me she was on Remdesivir. I asked why they were not giving her HCQ which her doctor had prescribed to her along with z pack. The nurse replied it is shown not to help with Covid. I replied then why did her doctor prescribe it? She said it wasn't protocol in the Covid unit. She was on max oxygen she would fluctuate to mid to high and the doctor I spoke with said she was improving and then one day she had fluid in her lungs in which they would give her a treatment to remove the fluid and that she had some infection from the tube. She was then taken off of the ventilator and she was basically not mobile because they gave her medicine that paralyzed so she wouldn't move around. They transferred her to a long-term care facility, and they put a feeding tube in her belly button so she could be feed. That got infected so they transferred her to an ER, and they said she had a lot of fluid in her pancreas. The doctor said they would put a feeding tube in her intestine.

My dad was able to visit her when she was at the E.R. My dad asked the nurses what a better place for her would be to go since the last place failed to catch this. We had her transferred to a nursing home nearby that they recommended. We called her and visited her only being able to talk to her and look at her through a window. She said they wouldn't help her eat and she looked like she had a stroke because her right hand was curled up in a ball. She would cry when she would talk to us in the phone and say she was ready to come home. They were working with her by having a physical therapist assist. She was in the process of getting on Medicaid when her heart stopped. I received a call from the ER where she was transferred. They said I needed to come quickly. When I got to the ER she had passed away. My dad was in the process of getting all her paperwork in order at this time. Her paperwork was due on March 3rd and she passed away March 2nd 2021.

My dad was a wreck, and she was his everything they were married for over 45 years. She took care of the bills, shopping, cooking, laundry and all of his medications for his cancer. My dad was devastated as was the whole family. She was a believer, and she was the glue that held the family together. He took his own life a month and a half later on April 17th, 2021. She always told my dad that if she passed away before her that he would be screwed. He didn't want to talk to anyone even his friends; he was severely depressed and felt he was a burden to me since I was helping him with all the various things I could while I was working a full-time job. I feel like she trusted the medical field as she had worked in it for over 40 years. I know that she loved God and that she raised me to be God fearing. I believe my dad had a big heart and that he wasn't in his right mind when he took his own life.

I pray that people would be more cautious and protect their loved ones from this medical tyranny. Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter’s story. I hear your interview on "Airing the Addison's" on AFR. Thank you for taking the time to share your family’s story and I am praying for you family for comfort and peace. This was a planned Pandemic by the Elite, and they will answer to God for all the innocent

Oklahoma City, OK