I have been a licensed Registered Nurse 30 years. I have worked in critical care settings and step-down settings as well and many others BUT I listened to the story of losing your daughter with Sean on SGTReports early Friday morning. I am ONLY sharing an opinion which is my own and not as a nurse but using my experience and what I know from it. Think of this as hanging over the backyard fence as neighbors. I would have to study the chart to form a professional opinion, but I wanted to say the Precedex is yes given for sedation but predominantly used in medical procedures or short term sedation while on a ventilator. This physician - if you haven’t hired a high powered attorney, you absolutely need to. I understand you hired an RN to legally review the chart. Submit Medical Board filings against the MD and you can attend the board meeting and give testimony at least in NC. I understand your crushed and I feel it but praise The Lord the world doesn’t understand peace in trials. Grace as you know is fine, but it shouldn’t have happened and this MD will promise not to do anything like this again blab blab blab. Anyone not grounded and in Christ can do anything when your flesh rules. There are consequences for actions so don’t want it to go away you concede to the MD without you receiving the peace you need and what’s right for your daughter. No one wants to be sick or in the hospital. The doctor knew better and had all the authority as the health quarterback. Be sure you have an EXCELLENT attorney and pray asking what The Lord wants you to do. I am guessing God’s permissive will be in play as to what you need or think you need but this MD needs to have a punishment, license restriction, whatever that looks like or another family may be where you are and making a different as believers is why we’re here. In your tragedy others will see Jesus in you as you live this out glorifying Him. I’ve have had a wrongful death in my life too. I want to encourage you; pain in life shows us things about The Father we may not have gotten to know otherwise. God bless you and hope God lift any oppression and allow Gracie’s life and death to be a blessing for someone else. Trust and obey for there’s no other way … take care! I’m so sorry. God loves you!

Salisbury, NC