I came across Grace’s story while reading The Epoch Times. I have spent the past several hours poring over this website, getting to know who Grace was (I know it’s the tip of the iceberg) and learning the evil your family has faced. Tears flowing through much of it.

We have 3 preschool aged children; our oldest has Down syndrome. I have known from the day of her prenatal diagnosis that there is a holocaust being committed against those with DS. Your family’s story is just one account to confirm my earliest suspicions - that Covid would be used as another means to eliminate them and anyone else deemed less "valuable."

Last summer, I took her to the ER for dehydration due to a stomach virus. She was already set to be admitted overnight when staff came in to perform a Covid test (while simultaneously inserting a catheter.) No 4-yr old could possibly understand what was occurring, and I was confused as to why she would need a Covid test if she was being admitted already for gastroenteritis (no symptoms of Covid.) I was casually told that, should the test come back positive, she would be sent to ICU and I wouldn’t be able to stay overnight with her. That was unreal to me. I protested relentlessly that she needed me, she had never slept in a "big girl bed" and that I would take her home if I couldn’t stay. (I was scared of that prospect also, but I was not going to leave my small child.) Additional doctors came in to explain why their policies were firm and that I needed to think of my daughter’s best interest. Despite it being the hospital in which she had spent a month in NICU and had several surgeries previously, it felt completely unfamiliar.

I felt in my heart that our special daughter had a target on her back. I have prayed for discernment more than ever in the last 2 years and the Holy Spirit was showing me the truth. Her test was negative, and I stayed with her in a regular room. She recovered and we left the following afternoon, but that experience shook me to my core.

Your family has suffered the unimaginable. And I sense how unimaginable it remains to you, even as you are forced to go through it. You’ve poured your love for Grace and sorrow over the profound loss of her physical presence into spreading truth. But you do not mourn as those who have no hope.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl. She was clearly a light in so many lives, and now in mine as I caught a glimpse of what made her so special. I pray the Lord gives you clarity, fortitude, comfort, and truth-seeking experts (those communicating your message and those receiving it) to carry this forward.

To Jessica- I’m just a stranger on the internet, but please hear me. Your pain has sharper edges. Your words written to Grace show you are carrying a heavy burden for what happened. You need to know this: you did everything you could. Everything. Nothing you did or didn’t do was wrong. You love Grace - that is what you do. People who walk in darkness deceived you - that is what they do.

"For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light." - Luke 8:17

God bless and keep you.

City and State withheld