My brother was murdered in St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula, MT on October 20, 2021 (only 58 yrs. old) with Remdesivir. They gave him no food because he was on a massively high flow of oxygen via a bi-pap machine because he refused to be put on a ventilator. He was first put on a nasal canula when he initially arrived and within a day, they put him on the bi-pap.

I am trying to obtain all of his medical records to see what other drugs they gave him, although I am not sure they will release them to me.

They said he had COVID pneumonia along with a host of other diagnoses. He was a liver transplant survivor, so he was immunocompromised from the anti-rejections drugs that he took on a daily basis.

When I found out that he tested positive for COVID on Oct 8th, I raced down to take care of him. I tried getting his doctor to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin because I was unable to get through to the Frontline doctors at that time as they were so back logged. I even tried getting the paste from the local farm and ranch store and there was none to be found.

His doctor REFUSED to prescribe him those meds saying they didn't work and were not part of the "protocol". I contacted both hospitals in town to see if they would give him the monoclonal antibodies per the suggestion by his Mayo Clinic coordinator. Both places refused and said it wasn't part of their "protocol" and that the only way he could get those was if he was hospitalized on a ventilator in the ICU - which made ZERO sense! I felt helpless!

When he finally ended up needing to be in the hospital, he wasn't even there 6 hours when the hospitalist called me and started talking about the possibility of him dying. They refused to let me in to see him even though I had been with him caring for him, days prior.

We zoom called him on a daily basis and he looked good. Then we got a call to come to the hospital to have a palliative care meeting. I believe it was because his son was in complete opposition to my and my brothers’ beliefs and was siding with the doctors. When we arrived at the hospital, he was so swollen! I immediately knew the Remdesivir destroyed his kidneys, and he wasn't going to make it. They called me at 3:45am and said your brother is dying and he was gone by 4:15am.

I was completely devastated. We were only a year apart and he was my only full sibling. I protected him my whole life but couldn't protect him from those murderers! My only consolation is that they will one day stand before the Living God (the judge) and will be held accountable for their actions!

Great Falls, MT