My father’s life was ended intentionally:

  1. The doctors and nurses deliberately reduced and withdrew medical treatments and interventions knowing that the result would be death.
  2. My father was alert and oriented and living at home (have video to assess father’s baseline) until the doctors and nurses started sedating him around the clock.
  3. My father was given Haldol IV! FDA does not approve Haldol IV!!! The FDA issued the highest warning for this drug because it causes sudden death.
  4. Regarding the contraindications listed for Haldol - 10 of the items are directly related to my father.
  5. They denied him food and water. Staff stated NPO (nothing by mouth) was ordered. THERE WAS NO ORDER!
  6. Meds ordered that would have directly affected his outcome were not given and MDs were questioned why, and the staff assured us the meds were being given. (Records show they were NOT.)
  7. The respiratory treatments/meds that were ordered were NOT given.
  8. The combination of opioids, benzodiazepines, and other CNS depressants PLUS dehydration was intentional to cause opioid toxicity! My father was NOT in pain and did not take narcotics therefore he had a very low tolerance. We demanded the nursing staff STOP administering narcotics (conversation is recorded) and call the MD. Security was called when I questioned the RN trying to administer morphine IV (entire situation recorded).
  9. FDA warns against combining opioids and benzodiazepines with its strongest warning!
  10. My father’s arms were restrained, and his torso was strapped to the bed with a Posey vest.
  11. His life was ended when nurse Stephanie Green intentionally gave him a lethal dose of morphine and Ativan and removed his oxygen.
  12. All conversations/interactions between staff and family were recorded and placed on disc.

I have the records, recordings, and expert medical physicians to validate my claim. Euthanasia, Medicare fraud, personal injury resulting in death all in the name of GREED.

My case is just like the case in Ohio. Dr. Husel has been indicted for at least 25 murders. The hospital, Mount Carmel has paid numerous wrongful death lawsuits to the victims’ families. The nurses are not facing criminal prosecution in exchange for their testimony against Dr. Husel. However, the Ohio Nursing Board has just started disciplinary hearings for all nursing staff involved.

This is happening in every hospital. I know it’s hard to even imagine. PLEASE just look at the evidence.

I have put it all on the line personally and professionally making this claim. I am currently employed at the facility I am reporting.

Please hold these people accountable for their actions.

Brandon, MS