I heard your story first on the Stew Peters show. I am so sorry for what happened to you and your very special daughter. I recently saw your Man in America interview....very good....but so disturbing. You have learned so much and I appreciate what you are sharing. We are believers also, as was our daughter.

We also lost our daughter September 2021 to "covid" in a TX hospital after she was there 30 days. It was during the delta phase. Her husband was fighting for his life at home. A nurse was coming to his home every night for 2 weeks to give him alternative treatments. He was very sick too. Her teenage sons also got covid and came out of it quicker.

Our daughter had immune, lung and inflammatory issues and it hit her hard. We suspect she was neglected in the hospital at the least, and allowed to die at the worst (through wrong treatment). Her husband talked to the doctor only ONE time during 30 days, otherwise it was nurses who answered his questions. He was talking to his wife when the doctor walked in the room - that was the ONE time. He drove over to stand at her window once to encourage her, and they forbid him to come back. In fact, they moved her to a different room. This was a hospital that was written up for its success at treating covid in 2020....using ivermectin I believe. But the CDC protocol apparently took over sometime before our daughter arrived.

I do know they took her off food - she had complications with her gut and was bleeding internally at some point. She mentioned she had trouble even getting water. They put her on morphine at some point - they said for the gut pain. I knew at that time it was not appropriate. The last 2 - 3 days they requested a ventilator (to help her lungs). We hadn't heard anything from her for those last 3 days or so.

Drawing close to the Lord, hearing Holy Spirit and keeping in the Word will keep us sane through the shaking of the nations at the end of this age that Jesus ushered in. We are on the doorstep of the events of revelation where great numbers of people will die and the mark of the beast will be implemented. This world is given over to the ruler of darkness and we are just sojourners here. God has a better thing for all believers even though we are experiencing the shaking right now. We are here for such a time as this.

Blessings to you and your wife. Feel free to call if you would happen to find any time at all. You are a blessing and Grace would be so proud of her dad.